4 thoughts on “Any firearms in the vehicle today?

  1. I cant wait to tell these assholes to fk off. Every trucker I know packs. These pricks dont even bother to ask anymore, they fkn know.

    All the women out here are strapped big, duh….

    1. I’ve got them at a disadvantage, my daily driver is a Chevy pickup owned by the company, when they run the plates ,I (me) doesn’t come up on their little car computer . So they have no idea who they have stopped , so no early warning of CPL , record etc . They have to ask nicely

      And if I drove regularly all over the country
      I’d have not only my EDC on me
      But probably an AR15 with about 500 rounds and a few mags under the mattress of my sleeper
      And they can fck off as if I’d even disclose that

  2. “Any firearms in the vehicle today?”

    “Just the one in the back seat pointed at your head, pig.”

    Pop, pop.

    No more cop.

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