App reveals face of man who has teenager’s missing smartphone


Heidi Whitehead of Denver is asking for help in identifying the gentleman in this photo. He is in possession of a cell phone that Whitehead’s son lost. The phone has an Android app called CM Locker that takes a photo when an incorrect password is entered on a phone, and emails the photo to the phone’s owner.  


From KDVR:

Whitehead posted the photos on Facebook. Her post has been shared more than 100 times. She is asking the community to help her identify the man to get her son’s phone back, no questions asked.

“My initial hope was that somebody would just recognize him and say oh hey I know that guy, he lives down the street or I work with him or whatever,” Whitehead said.

Whitehead said they have called the phone several times but no one answers. If you recognize the man in the photos, email ​

2 thoughts on “App reveals face of man who has teenager’s missing smartphone

  1. comes in handy if someone unaware tries to get into your phone.
    i know someone who had this set up and it snapped a pic of her boyfriend.

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