April 28, 2014 Phone Call to E.P.A.

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Published on Apr 28, 2014 by Margaret Pfeiffer

Alright, I made a couple of mistakes,one was the date I mentioned & the other was saying F.D.A. instead E.P.A.
Other than that, please listen carefully to this conversation & from what I got after playing it back, was the fact that she dished her own work place!! This must go viral people…..God bless everyone…..
Also, after listening to this, it sounds like they know nothing about anything It would be nice to know if the other E.P.A. offices are saying this crap too!! I could not believe the non sense coming from this
place. Here’s a thought, guess who front’s their pay checks?????
Anyway, I made this call & going to move on to another place to call. I love you all & be safe. Remember what that woman just said, IT’S KILLING ALL OF OUR TREE’S & ECT…..

3 thoughts on “April 28, 2014 Phone Call to E.P.A.

  1. Proof that the EPA is a worthless entity. Their job is to “protect the environment”, yet they have no clue what they are spraying. BS! They are “researching” it. LOL. The geoengineering of our skies has been going on since the 90’s at the very least. The lady that answered the phone seemed to be pretty well versed in what to tell callers, and the fact that she was directing callers to look it up on the internet was pretty telling.

  2. the epa lady says that the documentary is call ‘what are they spray’in’ sounds familiar.

    she also says-
    …’Thats not the epa. They arnt the ones spraying, thats the people who study’in the atmosphere not the epa’…

    So there is spraying?

    I love southern woman…
    By the time they say ‘No’ they already have. -old joke

  3. She said “atmospheric” something…maybe someone should call NOAA…and of course someone at NOAA will say contact the EPA…

    Marge “EPA! EPA!” Simpson calling….

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