Aquatic Affection: How a Scuba Diver Found a Good Friend Under the Sea

Published on Jun 14, 2017 by Great Big Story

Scuba diver Hiroyuki Arakawa and Yoriko are the unlikeliest of friends. While they both share a love for the sea, Yoriko’s gills and tail make her a little more aquatically inclined. Nearly every day for the past 25 years, Arakawa has been diving into the waters of Hasama Underwater Park in Tateyama, Japan, to visit Yoriko—an Asian sheepshead wrasse. One day, Arakawa found her looking exhausted and carrying an injury. So he did what any friend would do: he took care of Yoriko, feeding her crabs and nursing her back to health. Their decades-long friendship is proof there’s no greater bond than the one between man and fish.

4 thoughts on “Aquatic Affection: How a Scuba Diver Found a Good Friend Under the Sea

  1. Its always nice seeing a story that makes you smile, the world is a vastly amazing place if one takes the time to appreciate it, for me it has been spending time with horses that has helped ground me, we must take breaks from all the digital bs and get back to the simple joys in life, balance is key in most things.

  2. And then one day, Hiroyuki drank one too many Saki and developed a unresistable craving for sushi, and well you guessed it……

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