Ari Emanuel: Blacks Must Reject The Politics of Division and Unite With Jews Against Whites

Information Liberation – by Chris Menahan

Hollywood bigwig Ari Emanuel, who together with the Anti-Defamation League led the charge to cancel Kanye “Ye” West, wrote a column on Friday calling on Blacks to reject “the virus of antisemitism and hate and division” and instead unite with Jews against Whites.

From The Chicago Tribune:

Ari Emanuel: The Kanye West show must not distract us from the corrosive virus taking root

By Ari Emanuel | Dec 09, 2022 at 5:00 am

Kanye West is not the big problem. Of course, praising Hitler is vile. And it’s easy to condemn – and get distracted. And what the cartoonish Kanye clown show distracts us from is what’s going on under the big top — how the virus of antisemitism and hate and division is spreading and attacking the foundations of our culture.

In the last year, we’ve seen how antisemitic conspiracies from the far right about Jewish control of politics, finance and Hollywood have become mainstreamed. Dave Chappelle’s “Saturday Night Live” monologue was funny, but the problem with dancing on the line of antisemitic tropes is that he was doing it for an audience that no longer has a shared understanding of how dangerous they are. No doubt many thought it was funny. No doubt that it gave others permission to repeat their own versions of the tropes going forward. Every time someone like Kanye goes too far, the antisemitic Overton window gets shifted. And bit by bit, the line of what’s acceptable to say moves.

It was not until Kanye praised Hitler that the official Twitter account from the Republican House Judiciary Committee took down the tweet reading, simply: “Kanye. Elon. Trump.” The tweet had been up since Oct. 6. […]

For today. It’s up to all of us to stop regarding silence as an acceptable option — not just for cartoonish praising of Hitler, but for more insidious, wink-wink, dog-whistle forms of hate directed at any group. At his postgame news conference on Nov. 30, LeBron James spoke out about the double-standard on being asked to speak out. He asked reporters why he’d been repeatedly pressed about the controversy over Kyrie Irving (about which, in fact, LeBron did speak out), but hadn’t been asked a single question about the 1957 photo, published last month in The Washington Post, showing Jerry Jones in a group of teens confronting Black students at a high school in Little Rock, Arkansas.

James is absolutely right. We should all speak out — about the hateful racism that’s unfolding in the photo, about Kyrie, about West, about Trump, and about the normalization of white supremacy, antisemitism and racism.

Translation: “Jews and Blacks should get together and get whitey.”

If we’re going to go back decades to talk about “hateful racism,” why don’t we have a discussion over the fact your father was an unapologetic Irgun terrorist who took part in the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians?

Why don’t we talk about the brutal oppression of Palestinians in Israel today, which you and your brother Rahm fully support?

Why don’t we have a discussion on the fact the ADL, which you are partnered with, is working to foment hatred against white people by teaching school children that only whites can be racist?

Why aren’t you speaking out against that “hateful racism” but instead funding it and supporting it?

Emanuel’s column continues:

[…] As outrageous as West is, the insidious part is that a generation of kids is being exposed to old, even ancient, tropes of antisemitism through very modern forms of technology and pop culture. Instead of getting distracted, let’s show kids a better path. Yes, it’s great that West’s platform to praise Hitler might shrink, but more corrosive is that the conspiracy theory of a cabal of Jews controlling politics, finance, medicine and entertainment is taking root.

This has threatened, as is likely one of the goals, to divide two communities — African Americans and Jewish Americans — that have historically been aligned on civil rights. Michael Schwerner, James Chaney and Andrew Goodman — the young civil rights activists slain by the Ku Klux Klan in Mississippi on June 21, 1964 — were far from the only examples.

Right now in Georgia, the newly re-elected Sen. Raphael Warnock is deeply aware of this shared history. In his victory speech late Tuesday night, Warnock called out Schwerner, Chaney and Goodman, along with Viola Liuzzo and James Reeb, as “martyrs of the movement.” And he went on to note the symbolism of Georgia’s current representation in the Senate. “Georgia, once again — as you did in 2021 when you sent an African American man and a Jewish man to the Senate in one fell swoop — you are sending a clear message to the country about the kind of world we want for our children,” he said.

But as the past few years have made clear, that kind of world is certainly not guaranteed. As the old saying goes, history doesn’t repeat itself but it rhymes.

So yes, keep our eye on the bigger picture — of course condemn cartoonish antisemitism and racism and hate, but also condemn more subtle and insidious forms of conspiracy theories that have no basis in fact.

Emanuel in October wrote an open letter demanding that Adidas end their multi-billion dollar contract with Ye, Apple and Spotify pull his music, Parler not sell their site to him and his performances be canceled.

Ye lost his multibillion dollar contract with Adidas days later, his tours were canceled and the Parler deal was called off.

Apple and Spotify have yet to ban him, but the head of the World Jewish Congress, billionaire Ron Lauder of the Estee Lauder fortune, is lobbying for them to ban him as we speak.

The Israeli President flew to America in late October to meet with Biden at the White House to discuss Ye’s “anti-Semitism.”

The White House has organized multiple meetings over it.

Emanuel’s ally Jonathan Greenblatt told The Breakfast Club just days ago that he organized the cancelation of Ye because “if we don’t get him” then the “myth” of Jewish power will spread.

Greenblatt threw out the exact same line as Emanuel, claiming the way to fight “division” is to unite against whitey.

Their agenda can’t be any more transparent.

Information Liberation

21 thoughts on “Ari Emanuel: Blacks Must Reject The Politics of Division and Unite With Jews Against Whites

  1. I would be offended being spoken to as if I were a little pet needing direction to fight a war for anyone, let alone that bunch of satan worshippers.

    But self reflection is not a characteristic of anyone afflicted with such narcissism and evil.

    1. that’s right Otis… and it’s what they’ve done from the beginning.. they agitate blacks to THINK it’s the whites when it’s actually them.. them who deny being white.. when a joo is asked he’ll say I’m not white I’m jooish.. remember when you was a child.. your Crayola 64 crayon box with the sharpener in the side?? remember the color JEW??? yeah.. me neither.. at the root of EVERY problem in the WORLD is a dirty baby raping joo. and they HATE black people.. they hate everyone.. they are the sole reason rap today is complete garbage. not my opinion.. intentionally. everything they do is to denigrate and emasculate the white man and take advantage of and keep down the black man.. THAT is “the man” keeping you down.

  2. “When you point your finger ’cause your plan fell through, you’ve got 3 more fingers pointing back at you!”

    “What we have here’s a dung hole place. Thought it was fly shit on the map…”

    Above are quotes from my favourite left handed finger style guitarist and song writer.

    Quote below is from my favourite defender of the American Bill of Rights.

    The best quote ever… para-phrasing: “How the f**k do you separate the pepper from the fly shit???!!!” It’s ALL fly shit!

  3. Screw you jew we know what you think of all you are not you . Whites didnt run the slave trade hell they where enslave just as much as blacks especially the Irish. Your lies and your false history have blacks and whites fighting and hating each other over lies of slavery. The jews are the problem . They see people are starting to see the truth and now trying to divide even more. I will never turn on MY WHITE BROTHERS AND SISTERS IN THE TRUTH MOVEMENT YOU THE JEW ARE THE ENEMY OF HUMANITY. People are seeing the truth and its out just look at the comments in this

    1. They know the toothpaste is out of the tube and just won’t go back in, so they’re scrambling for allies. And that toothpaste has been squeezed out of the tube by anyone who ever spoke the truth about Jewish power, especially here at The Trenches. Thank you, Henry, et al. And now some black icons have gotten on-board, influencers, as they say, and the world is going a little nuts ’cause the toothpaste is getting on everything and going EVERYWHERE!!.

      I’m glad you’re here, Deon, and we are showin’ that this whole shebang has nada to do with skin color and everything to do with our Bill of Rights and who’s standing in the way of it being fully enforced. We’re sick of their perversion of wholesome life and of true freedom, sick of their Concentration Camp Reset, their New World Order of Control, their Ever-Spying Communism.

      Something very good is brewing and we know it must be rooted in The Bill of Rights if it is to mean anything. Any effort that leaves that out is like almost finishing a marathon – won’t get us across the finish line. Bill of Rights is why we fight!!


      1. “The historical mission of our world revolution is to rearrange a new culture of humanity to replace the previous social system. This conversion and re-organization of global society requires two essential steps: Firstly, the destruction of the old established order; secondly, design and imposition of the new order. The first stage requires elimination of all frontier borders, nationhood, and culture, public policy ethical barriers, and social definitions; only then can the destroyed old system elements be replaced by the imposed system elements of our new order. The first task of our world revolution is DESTRUCTION.”
        — Nahum Goldman, founder of World Jewish Congress, “The Spirit of Militarism,” 1915


      2. “All social strata and social formations created by traditional society must be annihilated, individual men and women must be uprooted from their ancestral environment, torn out of their native milieus, no tradition of any type shall be permitted to remain as sacrosanct, traditional social norms must only be viewed as a disease to be eradicated, the ruling dictum of the new order is; nothing is good so everything must be criticized and abolished, everything that was, must be gone.
        — Nahum Goldman, founder of World Jewish Congress, “The Spirit of Militarism,” 1915


      3. The general masses will have been first persuaded to join as equals in the first task of destroying their own traditional society and economic culture, but then the new order must be forcibly established through people again being divided and differentiated only in accordance with the new pyramidal hierarchical system of our imposed global monolithic new world order.”
        — Nahum Goldman, founder of World Jewish Congress, “The Spirit of Militarism,” 1915


    1. “monkeys for nothin’, chimps for free!” Hal Apeeno, you really widen my musical horizons! I got a kick out of that one!

        1. !! !!! !! !!! !! WOW !! !!! !! !!! !!
          That one just extended the range!

          I was coming back to this page to comment on the stupidity of the statement, “Blacks Must Reject The Politics of Division and Unite With Jews” I think that is what they call an oxymoronic statement.

  4. “The Israeli President flew to America in late October to meet with Biden at the White House to discuss Ye’s “anti-Semitism.”“

    Wow! All this over ONE person making antisemitic remarks. He must have a lot of time on his hands. I mean there’s war, famine, pestilence and invasions all over the world, but hey let’s make time with Grandpa Joe to complain about someone’s comment. That’s the most important thing right now.

    Really? What are we in elementary school?

    Damn Jews act like whiney two year old children. Grow the hell up!


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