2 thoughts on “Arkansas Mother Obliterates Common Core in 4 Minutes!

  1. Once again, the chairpeople will listen to you, but the minute you make them look dumb or prove them wrong, all of a sudden, “Time’s up! Thank you for coming. Security please escort her out. Thank you.”

    That’s when you know that they know and you know that they either don’t care or are scared out of their jibbies that we know.

    I applaud this parent! More people are standing up like her each day. Keep giving these bastards Hell!

  2. And this message is for Joe “I hate Texas” Cortina: Dumb@$$! Texas does NOT USE COMMON CORE! Your beloved Florida does, no?

    My daughter is becoming an elementary teacher (who hopes to teach English overseas one of these days) and I thank God she is getting certified in Texas, where they still teach the multiplication tables….

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