Armed Illegal Alien Breaks Into Texas Home, Is Badly Beaten By Homeowner

Illegal Alien Crime Report

LONGVIEW, TX (KLTV) – A Longview man was arrested after a homeowner thwarted a burglary Monday.

Police say that about 10:56 p.m., officers were dispatched to a home in the 800 block of Spring Street. When they arrived, the victim told them that a suspect, later identified as Kevin Mitchell Gonzales, 28, of Longview, attempted to enter the garage without permission.  

Kevin-Mitchell-GonzalesThe homeowner and Gonzales began to fight and Gonzales pulled out a handgun. During the struggle, Gonzales fired one round from a .45 caliber pistol. The homeowner was able to get the gun away from Gonzales and hold him down until police arrived.

During the arrest,officers located 18 Lorazepam pills in a clear plastic bag in Gonzales’ pants pocket. He is charged with criminal trespass with a deadly weapon and possession of a controlled substance. He was transported to the Gregg County Jail without incident.

Police say the homeowner was not injured during the incident.

*It should be noted that local law enforcement have determined the intruder to be an illegal alien, who was using one of his many false identities at the time of his arrest.

Top Right News reported:

…police discovered that Gonzales was really Jose Andres Martinez, a Mexican national in the United States illegally, who was using false identification, as illegals so often do.

Martinez had apparently crossed the border and been caught at least twice, and may have had up to 8 different phony IDs on him at the time of arrest.

Illegal Alien Crime Report

5 thoughts on “Armed Illegal Alien Breaks Into Texas Home, Is Badly Beaten By Homeowner

  1. Too bad the Taxan homeowner was an unarmed fool. If it were me….the problem would have been perminately solved…..

  2. Headline should read:

    “Unidentified corpse of badly beaten and shot illegal wetback found. No suspects found or investigation pending.”

  3. I don’t know why he was allowed to live. And he looked too damn good! If that would have been my garage, Jose would no longer be with us.

  4. armed and dangerous, and the home owner took it away from him?

    the assailant got a shot off too?

    that criminal should have been leaving in a body bag

  5. He was just looking for a “better life” as Henry would say.
    His face looks to good in my book.
    I would have probably just beat him to death with his stolen pistol and buried him in the back.
    To think….taxpayers are still paying for this pos in jail.

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