At least 6,106 Killed in Iraq during January

Anti-War – by Margaret Griffis

January closed out with 293 deaths and 289 wounded. Most of the casualties were among the Islamic State militants. That brought the monthly totals to 6,106 dead and 1,953 wounded.

There were 1,587 deaths reported among civilians and security members. Another 4,519 dead were reported among Islamic State militants. The number of wounded was 1,953, including 431 injured militants. These figures are not independently confirmable and should be considered only estimates.  

Meanwhile, on Saturday, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi promised to address the deaths of 72 Iraqis allegedly murdered by Shi’ite militiamen. Joining him in calling for an investigation is Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani.

The full extent of the destruction of Mosul library at the hands of Islamic State militants is slowly being revealed.

Four people were killed and 11 more were wounded in a blast near a livestock market in Madaen.

In Baghdad, a blast killed three people and wounded 10 more. A bomb in the Amindistrict killed two people and wounded nine more. A bomb on a minibus killed three and wounded six more in Zaafaraniya.

In Dour and Alam, 37 people were executed.

The number of casualties in a pair of bombings in Samarra on Friday rose by eight dead and 29 wounded from only six reported dead. Clashes that followed left another16 wounded among security sources.

A bomb killed two soldiers and wounded four more in Taji.

Five people were killed, including children, and 44 were wounded when the Iraqi Army shelled Falluja. At least 20 militants were killed in the attack.

Peshmerga troops recaptured the small Khubaz oilfield near Kirkuk and liberated 24 workers. A sniper killed Peshmerga Major General Hussein Mansur. A booby-trapped house killed a major and wounded four Peshmerga forces. At least four more Peshmerga members were killed in this battler or nearby fighting. Fifteen militants were also killed.

A suicide bomber killed six members of the family of former lawmaker Lourans al-Hathal in Harbaya.

In Tel al-Ward, three policemen were killed and 18 were wounded in operations.

A suicide bomber killed a tribal member and wounded five security members near Ramadi.

Gunmen killed a civilian in Diwaniya.

In Iskandariya, security forces found the body of a woman who had been stabbed.

A hospital in Hawija received 104 dead and 142 wounded militants after battles near Kirkuk.

Peshmerga forces killed 36 militants in Kazakh.

In Banshakh village, 15 militants were killed.

Fifteen militants were killed in al-Falahat.

Four militants were killed during an attack on Amiriyat al-Falluja.

Dozens of militants were killed during an attack in Makhmour.

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