At the hospital in UK

3 thoughts on “At the hospital in UK

  1. I really wanted that woman to got over to that nurse and bite her. I mean hard, on the arm, sink her teeth in, leave a mark, maybe draw blood.

    Note to self: The primitive impulse must be more fully awakened, honored, sharpened, and APPLIED!!


  2. This made my blood BOIL! OMG women, STAY HOME unless you have a known issue. I had 3 hospital births (tried to stay home with the 3rd but hubby refused) and finally stayed home with my 4th, which was the best experience for me, baby and my whole family. There are amazing mid-wives out there – take the time to find one. Can’t imagine having a hospital birth today with how women and infants are treated there. I have 3 horror stories I could share, but will spare you. And that was back 25 – 30 yrs ago. Can’t imagine it today. I’ve seen pics of women laboring in a mask and now PCR tests on newborns? Absolute insanity! How can these hospital workers live with themselves? Women who, for whatever reason, must have a hospital birth, need to revolt and stand up against this insanity!

  3. The Brits were expelled / repelled from the United States of America in the 1700s and again in the 1800s. The Brits gave up their firearms and other weapons to their piece of garbage crown. We here in the USA are going to kill these criminals as they come at us with a needle. We will kill all the way up to the JEWS who orchestrated this NWO.

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