SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Gov. Gavin Newsom’s office announced Thursday that the governor signed into law a slew of gun violence prevention laws aimed at school campus safety, accessibility and regulation of sales. Continue reading “Newsom signs several laws to tighten California gun regulation”

Zero Hedge – by The Machine Gun Nest

Gun Owners of America, one of the largest pro-gun organizations, has just published what appears to be a leaked internal ATF email documenting their plans to start seizing lawfully-owned forced reset and wide-open triggers beginning immediately.

Gun Owners of America has credibility when it comes to finding out what the ATF is doing before going public. If you remember, they were some of the first to break the news on the ATF considering braced pistols to be short barrel rifles, a very similar situation. Continue reading “Is ATF Preparing To Confiscate Forced Reset Triggers?”

Western Journal – by Abby Liebing

There are two ways to make changes to the U.S. Constitution, according to Article V of the nation’s founding document. First, Congress can propose an amendment to the states. Second, if two-thirds of state legislatures come together, they can call a convention and in that convention, amendments can be proposed, regardless of Congress’ approval.

The first method is the only one that has ever been used for the 27 amendments to the U.S. Constitution. But now, conservative lawmakers appear to be pushing again for a constitutional convention of states, as the Hill reported.  Continue reading “‘The Last Line of Defense:’ Conservative Lawmakers to Make Push for Constitutional Convention”

Mercury News – by Jonathan Stempel | Reuters

A divided U.S. appeals court on Tuesday reinstated California’s ban on high-capacity magazines, calling it a reasonable means to support the state’s effort to reduce gun violence, including mass shootings.

By a 7-4 vote, the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals rejected claims by gun rights advocates that the 2017 ban on magazines with more than 10 rounds of ammunition violated their right to bear arms under the U.S. Constitution’s Second Amendment, and was an unconstitutional taking.  Continue reading “Appeals court reinstates California’s ban on high-capacity magazines”


The UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) logo illuminating against the Eiffel Tower on Friday commemorated the agency’s 75th annivesary.

But not far from the World Heritage Site monument in France, more than 20 Heads of State participated in a special ceremony to mark the occasion at the agency’s headquarters where artists Forest Whitaker, Renaud Capuçon, Angelique Kidjo, Aryana Sayeed, Farrah el Dibany, the group Joussour, Ray Lema and Laurent de Wilde, also joined the festivities.    Continue reading “UNESCO celebrates 75th anniversary, logo lights up Eiffel Tower”


WASHINGTON (AP) — President Joe Biden’s $1.85 trillion social spending bill includes a provision that, if it becomes law, would mark the first time the federal government has offered targeted support in response to the decline of local news.

The help would come in the form of a payroll tax credit for companies that employ eligible local journalists. The measure would allow newspapers, digital news outlets and radio and television stations to claim a tax credit of $25,000 the first year and $15,000 the next four years for up to 1,500 journalists.  Continue reading “Biden bill would give local news outlets ‘shot in the arm’”

Defiant America – by Mack Cogburn

Mandatory mask laws and rules have become a polarizing issue during the COVID-19 pandemic. Proponents argue that masks are necessary to stop the virus. But critics have cited human rights concerns as well as evidence showing that masks are ineffective in stopping the spread of COVID-19.

Two Portland-area residents were arrested on Wednesday after they were attacked by the owner of a downtown Eugene store and captured the incident on camera.  Continue reading “Oregon Bakery Owner Pulls Out A Baseball Bat To Maskless Customers And Receive Instant Justice – The Police Arrest The Customers”

Sustainable Pulse

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is considering a proposal by Oxitec, a UK-based corporation, to introduce billions of genetically engineered (GE) mosquitoes across 12 undisclosed counties in California.

Thousands of comments, including comments from Center for Food Safety (CFS), opposing this release were submitted in early October on the last day of EPA’s public comment period amid growing concerns raised by scientists, public health experts and environmental groups. If approved, the release would be the largest ever release of genetically engineered (GE) insects in the U.S., following an initial release earlier this year in Florida.  Continue reading “Public Outrage at Planned Massive GMO Mosquito Release in California”

Gateway Pundit – by Jacob Engels

In Orange County, Florida on Tuesday, this Gateway Pundit contributor attended the Orange County Public Schools board meeting to document the discussion on their illegal mask mandate, which is in violation of Governor DeSantis’ executive order banning such mandates on students.

The Orange County School Board is one of a handful of Florida’s 67 county boards that have flouted the governor’s order, even as the courts have sided with the DeSantis administration pending current litigation of the matter. Continue reading “Journalist Reads Filthy Porn Book from School’s Library at FL School Board Meeting – Board Members Call Police to Have Him Forcefully Removed for Reading Obscene Content Aloud”

American Rifleman

Hodgdon Powder Company announced it would cease manufacturing operations at the GOEX blackpowder manufacturing facility in Camp Minden, La., effective immediately. The closure eliminates the only domestic source of blackpowder in the United States. According to a company press release, Hodgdon will evaluate “strategic options for the blackpowder business,” including a potential sale of the company.  Continue reading “Hodgdon Closes GOEX Blackpowder Plant”

Natural News – by Nolan Barton

Jeffrey Prather has accused the Biden administration of orchestrating one of the largest international weapons transfers in history.

In this latest episode of Prather Point on Brighteon.TV, he tells viewers that what happened in Afghanistan is an international gunrunning operation, with the Taliban fighters on the receiving end of the “largest international weapons transfer in years.”  Continue reading “Jeffrey Prather accuses Biden administration of orchestrating one of the largest international weapons transfers in years”

Global Research – by Robert L Kinney III

A 2019 federal law raises concerns that the U.S. government may be engaging in large-scale COVID-19 ‘drills’ without alerting the public.

Previous articles mentioned that leading up to the reported COVID-19 pandemic, the U.S. federal government made multiple actions on laws governing pandemics, including U.S. laws governing pandemic preparedness “drills and exercises.”
Continue reading “US Law Authorizes Secretive, National ’Exercises’ Against Public Health ‘Threats’”

Free Thought Project – by Matt Agorist

Nassau County, NY — As if blue privilege in the form of qualified immunity, special treatment under the law, ability to break laws they enforce, get out of jail free cards, “blue lives matter” laws, and every other perk that comes from wearing a badge, wasn’t enough, cops in New York just received yet another benefit.

On Monday, lawmakers in Nassau County passed a controversial bill that grants police officers and other first responders a protected class status to ostensibly defend them from hate crimes. The bill will allow them to sue protesters and others for “harassment” and essentially establishes their career choice as a race or nationality. According to the legislation:  Continue reading “NY Lawmakers Grant ‘Protected Class’ Status to Cops, They Can Now Sue People for ‘Harassment’”

Reclaim the Net – by Tom Parker

As Big Tech platforms have increased their censorship of so-called “hate speech” and “COVID-19 misinformation,” platforms such as free speech social network Gab and the messaging app Telegram have seen a surge in new users.

Now, a new post from Google’s Jigsaw unit, which “explores threats to open societies and builds technology that inspires scalable solutions”, is recommending that users of these platforms should be surveilled across platforms in real-time, so that they can be more easily be blocked from sharing links to “harmful content.” Continue reading “Google’s Jigsaw proposes real-time, cross-platform monitoring of “hate clusters” to “disrupt their reach””

Gateway Pundit – by Cassandra Fairbanks

PayPal is partnering with the Anti-Defamation League to determine who can use their services.

The partnership was announced on Monday, with the companies claiming that they are going to “investigate how extremist and hate movements in the United States take advantage of financial platforms to fund their criminal activities,” according to a report from Reuters. Continue reading “PayPal Partnering With Anti-Defamation League to Share Info With Law Enforcement, Determine Who Can Use Their Services”

Patriot Rising

One of the problems with having Marxists in the White House is that they tend to choose left-wing extremists to serve the administration, and that is certainly the case when it comes to David Chipman, the man the Biden regime has nominated to serve as director of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF).

For one, Chipman only seems concerned about the “firearms” part of his regulatory position. Continue reading “Deranged tyrant nominated to head ATF says anyone uttering “hate speech” online should have all their guns confiscated by armed federal agents”


Outraged farmers threatened to disrupt a federal order to stop the flow of irrigation water from a lake amid a severe drought in the US state of Oregon. They warned that right-wing militias will back them in case of confrontation.

Farmers are protesting because they own the water in the Upper Klamath Lake, farmer Dan Nielsen told RT’s Ruptly video agency. He stood outside an American flag-colored tent that was set up next to the canal headgates, which control the flow of irrigation water from the lake.  Continue reading “‘Government stole our water’: US farmers ready for standoff with feds in drought irrigation crisis, expect right-wing militia help”

The Hill

Voters in five rural Oregon counties approved measures on Tuesday to consider joining the state of Idaho, a part of a long-shot grassroots movement to break with a state dominated by liberal voters west of the Cascade Mountains.

Voters in Malheur, Sherman, Grant, Baker and Lake counties all approved measures that would require county officials to take steps to promote moving the Idaho border west to incorporate their populations. Continue reading “Oregon Counties Vote to Secede to Idaho”