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SELCO: What You Need to Know About Survival Caches

The Organic Prepper – by Selco I have used survival caches as part of my prepping for a long time. This is because my experience that says no matter how well you are prepared, one day you may find yourself out … Continue reading

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What Bugging Out from Venezuela Is Really Like

The Organic Prepper Editor’s Note: So often in the prepping community, you see people giving flippant advice like, “just move” or “don’t be frivolous and you can afford it.” But, as you’ll see in this article, picking up and leaving your … Continue reading

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3 Times LAST WEEK Women Defended Themselves and Others With a Gun

The Organic Prepper I’ve often written about the fact that gun control is every bit as much of a women’s issue as equal pay and maternity leave. Anyone who believes in destroying the 2nd Amendment doesn’t understand what an equalizer … Continue reading

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How to Survive a Summer Power Outage

The Organic Prepper Sometimes people think that a summer power outage is easier to deal with than a winter one. After all, in the summer, you don’t have to worry about freezing to death, which is a very real threat … Continue reading

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RIOTS: 3 Places All Hell Has Broken Loose in the Last Few Days

The Organic Prepper A lot of people like to think that the SHTF is some distant thing that probably won’t ever happen. But, in reality, it happens every single day, someplace in the world. Riots have occurred all over the … Continue reading

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10 Smart Ways to Prep Without Spending Money

The Organic Prepper Are you convinced that you can’t prep unless you have a whole lot of money to spend? That couldn’t be further from the truth. There are all sorts of ways you can become better prepared without spending … Continue reading

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A Venezuelan Prepper Looks Back: “Things I Would Have Done Differently If I Knew What Was Coming”

The Organic Prepper – by J.G. Martinez D. Having overcome a few personal incidents that rocked the boat these last few weeks, I want to write now about one of the most important experiences regarding the psychological aspect of prepping. … Continue reading

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PG&E Plans to Cut Electricity to Some California Residents to Prevent Wildfires

The Organic Prepper In a move straight out of the Soviet Union handbook, PG&E has warned they may cut electrical power to some California residents during “extreme weather” to help prevent wildfires. This comes after some poorly maintained Pacific Gas … Continue reading

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How to Make Your LIFE a Declaration of Independence

The Organic Prepper A couple of centuries ago, our country’s Founding Fathers wrote and signed a declaration of our independence from another country. They included a bill of the rights that they wished to ensure for their descendants. While not … Continue reading

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SELCO: These Are the Signs the SHTF Is Happening for Real

The Organic Prepper – Selco How do you know if the SHTF is actually here? One of the cornerstones of survival is how to recognize that a situation has gone so bad that the S is truly going to hit … Continue reading

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CAUTION: Americans Should Be Prepared for ANYTHING on the 4th of July

The Organic Prepper Folks will want to be especially alert on the 4th of July this year for a variety of reasons. Hopefully, it will just be a peaceful day of barbecues, parades, and fireworks, but there are some current … Continue reading

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What Life Is Like for Venezuelan Refugees: The Crisis Isn’t Over When You Escape the Collapse

The Organic Prepper – by J. G. Martinez D. I find the most difficult aspect of survival is to keep a positive mindset. Definitely, it is. The crisis is not over when you escape the collapse. While I expected when … Continue reading

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How to Survive the Civil Unrest That’s Coming to America

The Organic Prepper The rhetoric in the United States is heating up and we’re sounding anything but…well…united. It seems to most media pundits like we are too far down the path to Civil War 2.0 to turn back now. Activists … Continue reading

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The Media is Deliberately Trying to Spawn Civil War 2.0

The Organic Prepper Everyone is talking about a looming civil war on American soil, but they’re all blaming the “other” side. The media is deliberately trying to stir things up with breathless headlines about how awful the “other” side is. And … Continue reading

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100+ Preps You Can Get for $1

The Organic Prepper You can still prep even if you don’t have a lot of money to spare. Here’s a list we brainstormed over in Prep Club, our Facebook group, of items that can be purchased for a dollar or less. … Continue reading

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SELCO: “The media manipulated people, bombarding us with fear and hate” during the Balkan Wars. Sound familiar?

The Organic Prepper Editor’s note: A point I’ve been harping on a lot lately is how we in the United States have been divided by politics and the media lately. Many have become callous and lost their humanity. People have begged for laws … Continue reading

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Americans Are Getting the Country They Asked For and They Don’t Like It

The Organic Prepper Every single action taken is a precursor to a future action. That’s something that not enough people understand. All of these things that sound like such good ideas when they happen to the “enemy,” whoever that might … Continue reading

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Will Our Lack of Humanity Be the END of Humanity?

The Organic Prepper Sometimes I fear for humanity. Not because I think an asteroid is going to wipe us all out or that Skynet is actually coming to fruition (it is!) or that aliens are going to take over the … Continue reading

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After the End of the World: Restarting Civilization

The Organic Prepper – by Anonymous 411 As I revised my existing material and notes into the articles that this series became, my ideas advanced from a library that one person could accumulate into a bigger project. This final article … Continue reading

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What Life Is Really Like for a Venezuelan Mom

The Organic Prepper – by J. G. Martinez D. Did you ever wonder what the life of a mother in Venezuela is like? This is not a fictional story. It is a couple of days in the life of one … Continue reading

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