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GMO Apples Hit American Stores This Month: How and Why to Avoid Them

The Organic Prepper If a food company invented a new version of a typical food and then packaged it in a box without the ingredients etc. listed on the packaging, there would be quite the outcry. So why is it that … Continue reading

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Product Review: The Simple, Lightweight AquaPail 1100 Gravity Filter

The Organic Prepper Water contamination is a major issue in the United States, even if you aren’t in the midst of an emergency. As I recently wrote, one-third of Americans are living without safe running water right now. For some, … Continue reading

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Bane or Blessing? 9 Ways Trump Could Change the World

Daisy Luther Amid the screaming and wailing of the anti-Trump activists, it’s easy to lose sight of the possible changes that the United States – and even the world – could see when Donald J Trump officially becomes the President … Continue reading

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Slate Presents a Fake News Tool So You Can Narc on Stuff You Don’t Like

Daisy Luther In a clearcut case of an ironically bearded hipster fox guarding the henhouse of truth, Slate presents a brand new extension that Chrome users can install. The tool not only identifies “fake news” but allows readers to narc … Continue reading

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One Third of Americans Can’t Afford Safe Running Water

Daisy Luther According to a new report, more than a third of the population of America has no access to clean, reliable drinking water. We don’t generally think of the United States as being a country where people just cannot … Continue reading

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Anti-Trump Group Plans to Use a Chemical Weapon to Disrupt Inauguration Event

Daisy Luther This one is for all of the people who say, “Oh, the anti-Trump protesters are just exercising their First Amendment rights.” Sorry, folks, but deploying butyric acid during an inauguration event is NOT covered by 1A.  

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An Unsexy Survival Plan for California’s Epic Floods, Avalanches, and Mudslides

The Organic Prepper How do you survive a flood, mudslides, avalanches, power outages, and gale force winds? What about sinkholes and buckling roads? You’re going to be so disappointed when I tell you the secret. Because it’s not dramatic. No … Continue reading

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Incoming: NASA Totally Missed an Asteroid That Was Closer to Us Than the Moon

Daisy Luther It’s always unnerving to learn that NASA, arbiters of space safety, missed a giant hunk of space rock flying so close to the Earth you almost needed to duck. Like the asteroid that did a fly-by at just … Continue reading

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The People Freaking Out About Milo’s Book Deal Are the Whole Reason He Got a Book Deal

Daisy Luther Milo Yiannopolos has become incredibly rich being outspoken, even a bit of a troll. Now, he’s getting even richer with an enviable quarter million dollar book deal that he just signed with Simon and Schuster. While people love … Continue reading

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You Realize the Universal Basic Income Is Feudalism, Right?

Daisy Luther What does the future hold for average people? Feudalism. And they’ll welcome it with open arms, convinced that they are embracing a smart, fair system that eliminates poverty. The greed, entitlement, and lack of ambition that seems inherent … Continue reading

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Retailpocalypse 2017: Hundreds of Stores Will Be Closing

The Organic Prepper After Christmas, all is not calm and bright in the retail world. For those who are still under the illusion that our economy is great and prosperity is nigh, you might want to consider the massive loss … Continue reading

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Climate Change: The Government’s Best Revenue Stream Since War and Taxes

Daisy Luther No one knows how to profit from scaring the pants off of people quite like the government. And they don’t even need an actual threat to make it happen. Take “climate change” and “global warming” for example.  

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CDC Confirms: Mutated H7N2 Virus Transmitted from Cat to Human in the US

Daisy Luther Anyone who has ever watched a movie like Outbreak or Contagion knows that all pandemics start with Patient Zero. Maybe an infected monkey escapes from a lab. Maybe a farmer in China contracts something from a pig. There … Continue reading

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Trump Responds to North Korea Nuke Threat: “It Won’t Happen”

Daisy Luther Kim Jong-un has claimed that the secretive state of North Korea is close to testing ballistic missiles that could reach the United States. President-Elect Trump responded on Twitter since he (quite reasonably) doesn’t trust the MSM to report … Continue reading

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What 12 Financial Experts Predict for the Economy in 2017…It’s Ugly

The Organic Prepper What lies ahead for the economy this year? Will the economy finally collapse as predicted by many or will the early positive signs in stock markets around the world continue and the global economy will flourish? I’ve … Continue reading

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Were RT And Drudge Taken Down So the Government Could Control the Anti-Russia Narrative?

Daisy Luther Just hours after announcing the government intended to punish Russia for “interfering in the presidential election,” Drudge Report, a massive news aggregator with over 3 million page views per day, was hit by a massive DDoS attack. The attack … Continue reading

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Washington Warmongers Make 11th Hour Attempt To Start a War With Russia

Daisy Luther In the final days of Barack Obama’s presidency, the warmongers in Washington, DC are hell-bent on causing as much chaos as possible. If they don’t manage to start a war with Russia before Donald Trump is sworn in, … Continue reading

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How to Use the Snowball Method to Get Out of Debt Quickly

The Organic Prepper The Snowball Method is a snazzy little trick that can help you pay off debt as quickly and efficiently as possible. Many Americans owe so much money that they have no idea how they’ll manage to pay … Continue reading

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Anti-Trump Comics by “Triggered” Feminists Are “an Act of Political Resistance”

Daisy Luther When you think of “political resistance” what comes to mind? For me it’s things like this: Marches and protests. Civil disobedience.  

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Santa’s cRaZy 2017 Survival Plan

The Organic Prepper I know it’s Christmas and you probably have a million things to do (I do too!) but I HAVE to tell you about this crazy little guy who showed up at my door today. He was short, … Continue reading

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