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All That Stands Between Humanity And The Ultimate Catastrophe Is A Thin Red Line Of Well-Armed American Patriots

All News Pipeline – by William B Stoecker Most patriots have by now figured out that the NWO (New World Order) elitists, the banksters who control the Deep State, and, indeed, most of the Western nations, are sadistic sociopaths who … Continue reading

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Explosions Heard on Israeli-Syria Border, Israeli Emergency Sirens Activated

Sputnik Emergency sirens sounded in the Golan Heights Wednesday night, as conflict broke out across the Israel-Syria border between Israeli forces and, the Israeli military says, Iranian forces in Syria.  

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Neocon John Bolton Tells a Big Lie about Iran

Another Day in the Empire – by Kurt Nimmo National Security Adviser John Bolton is lying again. He says the US has no intention of invading Iran, taking it back to the Stone Age like he and his fellow neocons … Continue reading

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