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Genetically Modified Cow? CRISPR Technology Brings About GMO Beef

Christian Truther – by Nate Brown Beef is an essential part of many people’s diets but now, just like the Frankenstein apple cows are being genetically modified. Historically only the grain or grass cows grazed upon was genetically modified because … Continue reading

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Texas Gov. Abbott cuts funding to Austin over sanctuary city policies

Fox News Texas Gov. Greg Abbott blocked funding to Austin on Wednesday after its sheriff said the city’s jails would no longer honor most federal immigration detainers. Abbott’s move begins a crackdown over sanctuary city policies in the state. The … Continue reading

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Starbucks Vows To Hire 10k Refugees… Vet-Owned Rival Puts Them In Their PLACE

Right Daily – by Colt Hamilton After Starbucks announced their typical knee-jerk liberal reaction to President Trump’s executive order that restricts travel and refugees from a short list of countries, one of their rivals seized the opportunity to put them … Continue reading

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474 Arrested, 28 Sexually Exploited Children Rescued During Statewide Human Trafficking Operation: LASD

KTLA 5 News Hundreds of people were arrested and dozens of sexually exploited children and adult victims were rescued across California during a statewide operation to combat human trafficking, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department announced Tuesday. More than 30 … Continue reading

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Connecticut and California Heading Into INSURRECTION over Illegal Aliens

SuperStation95 The state legislatures in Connecticut and in California appear to be deliberately heading into “INSURRECTION” against the United States and the feds may have to send in troops to remove both State Governments over the issue of illegal aliens. … Continue reading

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Court Rules That Those Carrying Concealed Are Presumed to Be Dangerous

The New American – by Bob Adelmann The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit (Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, and West Virginia) ruled last week that an individual carrying concealed gives up essential Fourth Amendment rights under … Continue reading

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BLM Anti-Trump Protest In Seattle: ‘We Need To Start Killing People’

Daily Caller – by Justin Caruso During an anti-Trump protest in Seattle this weekend, an activist associated with the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement took to the megaphone to voice her support for, among other things, “killing people,” and “killing … Continue reading

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Welfare Usage by Middle Eastern Refugees: 91.4% on Food Stamps, 73.1% Medicaid, 68.3% Cash Assistance

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Trump picks 11 Jews to serve in his administration

Press TV US President Donald Trump has given crucial roles to pro-Israel American Jews by appointing at least eleven influential members in his administration, reports say. The president’s Jewish advisers, who are expected to play key roles in shaping the … Continue reading

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President Trump Publishes His Take On The Second Amendment — Calls It America’s First Freedom

Concealed Nation – by James England WASHINGTON, D.C. — It has been precisely one week since President Donald J. Trump became the 45th President of the United States of America. One of the scariest things with electing a new head … Continue reading

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‘Can You Hear Me?’ Scam Has Police Warning Would-Be Victims to Hang Up Immediately

KTLA 5 News “Can you hear me?” It is a simple question, but police say answering it could make you the victim of a scam. Police in Virginia are now warning about the scam, which has also been recently reported … Continue reading

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Limited time only.

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10 Cringeworthy Pictures From the “Women’s March”

Truthfeed – by Amy Moreno The #WomensMarch event took place on Saturday in D.C., where hoards of anti-Trump “feminists” took to the streets to protest. However, beyond a general dislike of Donald Trump, no one is exactly sure what they … Continue reading

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US Government Ready to Send Federal Force to Chicago to End Murder Wave

Sputnik WASHINGTON (Sputnik) — If the city of Chicago cannot get its wave of killings under control, the US government will send in its own federal forces to restore law and order there, President Donald Trump announced in a Twitter message.  

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Five States Are Considering Bills to Legalize the ‘Right to Repair’ Electronics

Orrazz Lawmakers in five states have introduced legislation that would enshrine the “Right to Repair” electronics, meaning manufacturers will have to sell replacement parts to independent repair shops and consumers and will also have to make their diagnostic and service … Continue reading

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Army will go ‘full force’ in future wars, collapsing EU shouldn’t lecture – Israeli defense chief

RT Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman said the army will stop at nothing to defeat the enemy in conflicts to come, and they won’t stop until the adversary “waves a white flag.” He also slammed attempts by third parties to … Continue reading

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Edward Snowden: ‘Faith in Elected Leaders’ Is a Mistake Americans Keep Making

Truth Dig – by Emma Niles American whistleblower Edward Snowden recently gave a lengthy interview at an event hosted by acTVism. “Freedom & Democracy—Global Issues in Context,” moderated by acTVism Munich founder and senior editor Zain Raza, also featured interviews … Continue reading

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Trump Piñata Hung From Rafters of CO Museum For ‘Chicanos Against Trump’ Event

Heat Street – by Jillian Kay Melchior A Colorado history museum has come under attack after a group of activists renting its facilities hung a Donald Trump piñata, promising attendees “a chance to strike.” The controversy began last Friday, when one … Continue reading

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Violence Breaks Out In Washington D.C. As Protesters Engage Police

Zero Hedge – by Tyler Durden Live feeds from Washington:

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Media warns of inauguration drone bombing, not ‘safe’

Washington Examiner – by Paul Bedard The media is raising concerns about a drone bombing at the 58th Presidential Inauguration on Friday. On Thursday’s “Today” show, a report indicated that U.S. Secret Service has put in place several anti-drone efforts … Continue reading

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