Authorities in Montco Checking Door-to-Door For Valid Dog Licenses

(File photo by Randall E. Scott)Sent to us by a reader.

CBS Philly – by Brad Segall

NORRISTOWN, Pa. (CBS) — Dog wardens were fanning out across municipalities in Montgomery County this week, checking to make sure dog owners have obtained licenses for their pets.

It’s the law in Pennsylvania: all dogs three months or older must be licensed each year.  So, dog wardens have been going door-to-door in some communities, making sure the owner’s paperwork is in order.  

Failure to comply with the law could result in a $300 fine.

Montgomery County SPCA executive director Carmen Ronio says there are good reasons for getting a dog license:

“Firstly, it’s an amazing way to find your dog, should it become lost on you — it’s proof of ownership because you have registration for that animal.”

(Montgomery County SPCA executive director Carmen Ronio holds a sample of a collar tag indicating a dog is licensed.  Photo provided)

When the owner gets a license, the dog gets a tag for its collar.

But, Ronio says, surprisingly with all the licenses sold, just a fraction of the strays they took in last year were wearing the tag.  That, he says, makes it harder to track down the owner.

9 thoughts on “Authorities in Montco Checking Door-to-Door For Valid Dog Licenses

  1. This sounds just like the commercials I hear on the local radio station, where the cops will pull you over for not wearing a seatbelt. The “officer” in the commercial goes on to state that you’re breaking the by not wearing your seat belt, and that you WILL be ticketed for not wearing it (then goes on to say)…..”and ticketed for whatever else we might find” during the process of pulling you over.
    This “dog license” is an excuse, just like the seat belts, to get “up close and personal” in your own home so that they can get you for “whatever else we might find”.

  2. i got mine a social security number a drivers licence and a pass port, what figgen more do i need?

    he’s not here illegally

    can you say revenue , their way of theft .. keep playing , they will keep collecting

    1. I liiiike it! 😀

      My chinese shar-pei are actually illegally invading wetbacks. After they know that, don’t they have to give ME something for free?

      Posted this last night and I am still trying to comprehend how big these guys think their cajones are?! Gonna get ugly if they come into my gate uninvited.

  3. New heights in desperation to generate revenue. Pennsylvania’s economy disappeared with the steel and coal industries, and now the politicians are grasping at straws to make sure they get a paycheck they don’t deserve.

    Expect more of these cash-generating crackdowns as more and more municipalities try to balance their books. Your dog isn’t licensed, your lawn isn’t mowed, you threw out too much garbage, etc. etc., with a bigger fine attached to every illegal statute.

    And using this as an excuse to violate the sanctity of your home also allows them to look around for other possible fines and/or crimes while they’re there. Remember: they’re under contract to keep those prisons full too, so you can and will be tossed into the clink for anything, or nothing.

    It’s hard to believe we let it come to this, but there it is until WE change it.

  4. Attention all “PUBLIC SERVANTS”

    The canine at my home asked me to notify ALL public servants that in order to act as agent for the legal fiction know as FIDO, he charges a fee of $2500 ($20 face value US gold/silver coin and the remaining balance of $2480 payable in certified bank check or face value US minted gold/silver coins)
    for each action as well as a one time Application fee of $10000 (payable only in facevalue US minted gold/silver coins).

    If the county agrees to such initial terms, ‘Fido the dog’ will appear on behalf of “FIDO the piece of paper in a filing cabinet” to any public forum or venue. Fido the dog RESERVES ALL RIGHTS WITHOUT PREJUDGES for the duration of the contract. All contracts to be recognized are required to be printed with ink on bonded hemp paper, signed, dated and witnessed as well as triplicated and insured or guaranteed.

    NOTICE- a single failure to comply with ANY term voids contract and all monies owed shall be paid in full at such time.

    1. My dogs are “enlightened beings” operating under natural Law. License from the word “licentious” means to be lacking legal or moral restraints; especially disregarding sexual restraints. Yep… all my dogs are fixed. All 20 or so angry ankle biting cattledogs.

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