B S ALERT On Judge Darby

Published on Feb 3, 2016 by ImYourGhost

Judges for Oregon http://courts.oregon.gov/OJD/Pages/se… Here is for Idahohttps://www.google.com/#newwindow=1&a… Excuse me, Judges are NOT Ghosts! Here we go again, that call made by the Supposed Constitutional Judge, B.S. ALERT! Nice try, but it is my opinion that the entire call and Document is a HOAX! The Document itself is laughable, because they spelled Povost Marshal, incorrectly! When dealing with documents, everything MUST BE perfect, other wise it can be legally thrown in the garbage! Please prove me wrong! Judge Gary is a HOAX!

6 thoughts on “B S ALERT On Judge Darby

  1. As per my recent post.
    This is just as I suspected.
    Thanks for doing the due diligence research.
    I appreciate it.

    1. He has a whole bunch of videos called, “NWO Soldier” where he plays the Devil’s advocate. I’ve been subscribed to him for years and he’s got a lot of good stuff. His main channel is Montagraph.

  2. On the net he has been termed a Superior Court Judge which is a common law term.

    I looked him up to do some research as well, and he was termed as a S C judge, not a US(corporate) judge.

    Remember Article 3 courts were being spoken of as phase 2 of the Burns situation.

    All of us carry within ourselves our Superior Court.

      1. That sounds like a prerequisite for a Judge. Well judge Darbys website is being built as we type so this could be phase 2 of Ammons Master Plan. Katie is on to something.

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