Bad A$$ Woman DESTROYS Anti-Gun Dems in Hearing


Sep 29, 2019

Amy Swearer is a frickin’ “MAN-EATER” as she devours the out-right lies of gun-grabbing psychopaths! This is probably the BEST, CALMEST, MOST SUCCINCT dismantling of anti-gunner’s arguments I’ve seen to date! Please share this video!

16 thoughts on “Bad A$$ Woman DESTROYS Anti-Gun Dems in Hearing

    1. Give links please. It wasn’t political theater this day, that’s for damn sure.

      I found this which was only 10 days earlier

      I guess your going to have to decide for yourself which side of the fence she sits. As far as I’m concerned, shes pro gun.

      We could argue this until the end of time. Yes, red flag laws suck, no doubt about it. If she is pro red flag then decide for yourself.

      Shes a fkg lawyer, red flag makes her money.

      Here is a thought, no matter what, we are going to war, simple as that. No matter what we say or do here, that is the reality.

      At the end of the outcome, we will see about any red flag bullshit. We have unstable cops carrying weapons, think on that as well.

      1. Here is a video talking about red flag treason with koshervative fraud and traitor Ben Shapiro posted by the heritage foundation which she works for.

          1. She is scum of the earth imo because she knows what she is doing. I hate this dog and pony crap. The only one’s fighting for our rights our american nationals like you and me. That’s why you’ll never see someone legit during these “hearings.” Do you think they’d ever let some legit like Henry into one of these things?

          2. Yeah, like I said I’m an optimist, she taught her mom to shoot an AR, that’s good enough for me man. She knows what’s up, like I always say


            Once it lights off watch her fkg red flag bullshit turn into Trench warfare. Shes walking a fkg tightrope.

        1. Well, at least she took her mother to the range with an AR. 🙂 her mom made a fist sized group at the target, god bless her.

          Dont be too quick on the rope.. we need good shots. 🙂

      2. Red flag laws do not suck, they are 110% absolute treason and sedition. I cannot believe you would try to justify her criminal actions because they make mammon for her.
        F-k her to the gallows, she is a f-king traitor, easily convicted in the common law courts, which she and her ilk piss on daily through the use of an unlawful treasonous jurisdiction. She is a criminal and I piss on her.
        Sorry, Mark, but being pro-gun does not excuse treason.

        1. Your right and I’m backing my mistake with an article, I dont have time to play these fkg games with these assholes. I get sucked into this shit because I’m too goddamn busy out here to research these traitors.

          I’m not finished with this shit, believe me. Thank god we have fantastic people on our site that correct my stupidity. I apologize AGAIN!

          I’m tired of all these you tube wanna be actors that publish this two faced bullshit for everybody to see as it’s nothing more than just that, corrersion and manipulation of our people, namely me.

          Anyway, I’m not done here, believe me.

          1. Don’t sweat it, Mark, the enemy preys upon the good in us. And you are right when you say there are a lot of cops out there that are going to turn and turn quick when lightening strikes the shit house. The question is how can we ever trust them, knowing that they continued to be a part of the treacherous corporate tyranny, knowing full well they are in violation of our law, which is plainly written out in fact of law in our Bill of Rights. No one is going to convince me they do not know exactly what they are doing.
            And as for lawyers, they needn’t mind even trying, they knowingly embrace the treason because they are the treason where the treason meets the people. They must answer for their crimes in a real court, the common law court, with no corporate appointed star chambered judge to protect them because that judge is next in line to be prosecuted.
            Don’t let this bother you, all you are guilty of is trying to find some good where none can possibly exist.
            Have a great day and stay safe. 🙂

        2. Word!
          Henry, that is exactly why at grand jury duty I will let it be known that i challenge the statists at having any legitimacy or jurisdiction. And if it needs to be said, ill call everyone present out for being complacent in treason.

          Any advice? I respect your knowledge on such issues. And many more

          1. Statement: I am not a 14th Amendment subject citizen. I am an individual freeman sovereign national for the united States of the Americas, possessed of the superior law of this land, which is the ratified Bill of Rights. I will never convict a fellow American national in an administrative admiralty jurisdiction. Until the ratified law of the Bill of Rights is enforced and the common law courts returned, I can have no authority to serve on a grand jury and in fact to do so would be an act of treason and sedition and make me complicit in the corporate treason that has created the unlawful jurisdiction this unlawful star chamber grand jury is operating under. It is the violation of the 9th Article of the ratified law for the Bill of Rights for the united States of the Americas, ratified as the supreme law of this land on December 15, 1791. The Articles of this ratified law, having been added as a preamble of unremovable Amendments, as declared by the 9th Article of that ratified law, under Article 5 of the original Constitution.

          2. Thank you Henry. Ill print it out and read it a few more times. I wonder how far ill get before they tell me to kick rocks.

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