Bannon: Trump’s strategy is ‘let the warfighters fight the war’

The Hill – by Max Greenwood

White House chief strategist Steve Bannon cast President Trump’s defense policy as one that puts military power into the hands of the “warfighters.”

“The President believes the best thing to do is to let the warfighters fight the war,” Bannon told CNN.

But the chief strategist also said that Trump has ultimately held onto his ability to oversee “anything important on the warfighting side,” according to CNN, adding that he has remained deeply involved in developing military strategy.  

“He hasn’t given up any of the strategic decisions,” Bannon said.

Trump has increasingly empowered the Pentagon and military leaders to make tactical military decisions, breaking from the precedent of White House oversight carried out by both Republican and Democratic administrations in the past, CNN reported.

The move, administration officials say, is designed to reverse Obama administration – and, to a lesser extent, George W. Bush administration – practices that weigh down military campaigns and hamper commanders’ abilities to make tactical decisions.

But that transfer of power from the White House to the Pentagon has also raised questions about whether Trump will be held to the same level of accountability as the military officials he has empowered.

“It’s really important for the President to take responsibility for outcome and have a conversation with the American people that prepares people for both what we’re trying to do and the sacrifices that will be required to do it,” Kori Schake, George W. Bush’s former National Security Council director for defense strategy, told CNN.

5 thoughts on “Bannon: Trump’s strategy is ‘let the warfighters fight the war’

  1. How about a nice long debate in Congress, before a declaration of war?
    Sounds like a good idea to me. I think i’ve heard of that idea somewhere.
    You F’n morons.

  2. “Warfighters” is such a gay-ass Pentagonese/MIC term.

    Anyway, nothing is going to change as far as perpetual war is concerned. A lot of money gets made off it, and young people will continue to get suckered into joining up.

    “You were too much of a pussy to join the military, BMF!” Yeah, sure. That’s also the reason why I never joined the Bloods, the Crips, MS-13, or the Mafia — membership in any of which requires more balls, and involves more danger, than joining the military.

    Actually, the reason I never joined the military is because I have a conscience and a mind of my own. If I’m going to fight, kill, and possibly die, it’s going to be for a cause that I believe in, NOT a cause some faggot politicians believe in — let alone MIC profits.



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