Beam Of Light Aimed At West Coast Fires As Pentagon Warns That China Has Weaponized Space

2 thoughts on “Beam Of Light Aimed At West Coast Fires As Pentagon Warns That China Has Weaponized Space

  1. China eh? LOL! The US military (for one) has been playing around with this stuff for decades & all of these jew-funded (money stolen from all of us) projects are designed to be used against each nations own people. Whatever “nation” gets blamed on any given day is decided by the political agenda at the time. I mentioned in a comment on the first fire article it looked like a DEW attack, similar to ones in the US in previous years. The gullible masses meanwhile all parrot each others words “oh how awful”, turn their heads & keep munching the cud…

    1. Oh & for people who want to join dots & add to your knowledge on related events & how they’re “managed” I suggest you look into things like the Christchurch earthquakes in New Zealand in 2010-2011. The main question being why were representatives of US Homeland Security & FEMA in New Zealand “for meetings” right when the worst of these earthquakes started? That city’s almost completely destroyed CBD had to be “conveniently” rebuilt from scratch also. Oh & there’s also been a lot of info around in previous decades that the NSA (among others) have had staff based in New Zealand working with local agencies for a long time. That’s right, the “National” Security Agency operating outside the US (wow big surprise not).

      Take note that New Zealand is a tiny isolated nation that is used for much experimentation of various things before they are implemented on a larger scale elsewhere around the world. For example I’d read that New Zealand was supposedly where EFTPOS was nationally tested & fully implemented well before it hit stores everywhere else. It was always boasted back in the 1980s & earlier that New Zealand’s population of people was half or less that of the sheep spread across the nation’s many farms. Funny how they always used to make that distinction as a selling point to potential immigrants (from mainly the UK back then) & tourists… BAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!

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