Benjamin Netanyahu, the Serpent Within

CNN has traveled to Jerusalem apparently to film an all-day infomercial called “Israel Good, not Bad.”  As a part of one of the interviews, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu hissed through his fangs, “I’m not interested in America’s politics; I have enough politics right here.”

Tell me this, Benny, if you are not interested in our politics why are you constantly over here addressing our Congress and literally dictating our foreign policy through your 5th column of dual citizen Israeli-Americans, which has imbedded itself in our deepest seats of government?

Netanyahu then went to a map of the Middle East and said, “This is how big the Middle East is.”  He then placed his thumb on the Palestinian coastline and said, “This is Israel” in an attempt to indicate that Israel was just a tiny spot in Palestine.

This man is as deceitful as the serpent in the Garden of Eden.  I could actually see the evil radiating out from his face.  Here is the truth.  This is what is left of Palestine as of the year 2000, after 54 years of invasion.

As you can see what little is left of Palestine is completely surrounded and controlled by the Israelis.  Everywhere the Palestinians go they must pass through Israeli checkpoints.

Netanyahu said that he wanted a Palestinian State but it must be demilitarized, which is to say disarmed.  If I were a Palestinian with a treacherous enemy like Israel, which is a world nuclear power, on my every border, I don’t think it would be a good idea to give up my only means of defense.  Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t this what the Jews in the Warsaw Ghetto did?  Considering that the same people who arranged for concentration camps in Germany are indeed the same Zionists that used the righteous indignation, created through the murdering of their fellow Jews, to establish the State of Israel, I think I might be inclined to believe that they only want to disarm me to make it easier to exterminate me.

Netanyahu went on to say, “Israel has no interest in expansion.  We only want peace and security.”  Has anyone noticed that these Zionists tend to yell “defense” as they are attacking, like five cops beating on an old lady, tazed and handcuffed, yelling, “Stop resisting, stop resisting”?

This whole CNN piece was actually a little bizarre.  I think the Zionists have come to the realization that the American people have figured out who they are, what they are, and what they are up to.  They are in fact seeing that we are just a little put out over that fact that they consider us as animals without souls and that they believe we are here for nothing more than to serve them.

This was some pretty heavy duty propaganda wherein it was even asserted that most Jewish Americans are marrying outside their religion.  Could this be to counter the fact that we have figured out that these dual citizen Israeli-Americans represent a 5th column collective that have literally been running America for the past 100 years through the Zionist currency scam known as the Federal Reserve?

Could it be that the Zionists are seeing that same look on our faces that they have seen on the faces of other peoples of other countries in the past when those people finally figured out what the Zionists were and expelled them?

I think they are afraid and well they should be considering the diabolical international crimes they have committed against literally every other people on this planet.

If we did expel the Jews from the US and Iran expelled them from the Middle East, where would they go?  Russia?  China?  No, they would go back home to England and Germany and crawl back under the rocks and wait for the world to forget again.

We must not be intimidated into not speaking out against those who are trying to destroy us.  The Zionists are an immoral people who hold all other life as beneath them.  They hate us Americans with a special vigor as we are a people they cannot conquer.  Now they will cower and try to play the part of the victim when the real victims are the victims of their latest atrocities, lying in 5 million graves in Palestine and Iraq.

But not to worry, they are not interested in conquest.  The Iraqis were slaughtered only to procure an oil pipeline from Iraq to Israel.

I can’t see anybody falling for this obvious propaganda but the fact that they tried it at all truly makes me nauseous when I see how black their souls must be to sleaze back and forth, and slither to and fro, attempting to gain a new position to strike from.

May we bring justice to the Zionists in this world and may God bring justice in the next.

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