Will Obama Move for Amnesty for Illegals before 2012 Election?

It would seem that the insurgent Obama, in response to Mitt Romney’s play for the so called Hispanic vote is unleashing an emergency propaganda blitz in preparation for an amnesty push through the House and Senate.  Yesterday it was announced that the insurgents/illegals are storming back over the border to Mexico in hordes, in fact to the extent that the United States is no longer seeing a net increase in their population.  Later in the day, there appeared some more propagandists suggesting that, as the illegal population has stabilized (over this whole day), shouldn’t we go ahead and pass amnesty tomorrow?

This has to be one of the most ridiculous concoction of lies I have ever seen.  The invaders are not going back to Mexico because our economy is bad.  The economy in Mexico is atrocious compared to ours and the Mexican government does not hand out welfare checks and food stamps like we do.

This is nothing more than a desperate attempt by the Obama administration to pass amnesty before the 2012 election.  You see Mitt Romney and the Republicans are also coming out as the friend of the invaders.  If Obama and company can force amnesty legislation to a vote, who among the Republicans would dare vote against it?

As for the handful of Mexicans filmed returning to Mexico, they have no doubt been given sufficient funds to tide them over until they can be returned, under a guest worker program that will no doubt be a part of the Amnesty legislation.

I think it is beginning to bother me a little as to just how stupid these two bit cons think we the American people are.  This whole thing is a farce designed, I guess somehow, to trick we the American people into saying, “Well if no more are coming, I guess we might as well legalize the ones here (they say there are 11 million, in truth there are 35 million) and forget about enduring the expense of securing our border.”

I guess while we are all celebrating the end of the invasion, they figure we will be too busy to notice the hordes swarming into our country to get in on the amnesty before the deadline.  Of course even after the deadline they will keep coming.  And why shouldn’t they, as the 35 million before them will have proved that in the case of the felonious crossing of the United States’ southern border, crime pays.

One thought on “Will Obama Move for Amnesty for Illegals before 2012 Election?

  1. Obama himself is an illegal alien, and much like ants that leave a scent trail for others to follow when they find food, so Obama is leading the invasion. Mitt Romney is happy to welcome ants to the picnic if it means more votes for him. Actually, I shouldn’t insult ants like that, these guys are more like cockroaches!

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