8 thoughts on “The Best Invention You Don’t Know Exists: Toilet Paper Tablets

  1. Wizzy Wipes are currently unavailable at Amazon, and I could not locate another seller of this particular brand. Amazon does carry other brands but I don’t know if they are equivalent to the ones demoed on the vid., which look very good. Awesome idea!

    1. Katie, i checked amazon this morning, they have them.(win trading company) 500 cost around 34 buck-a-roo’s!

    2. katie, actually you can go directly to win trading company and order them there, about the same price…

  2. I learned two things from this video….the item is a great prepper product and the narrator is a regular guy…..haha thanks Hal….gonna have to get some

  3. Holly crap(no pun intended) never heard of it, will be checking around for it. thanks for posting this, greatly appreciated!

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