7 thoughts on “Biden’s Priority

  1. I guess it’s real “progressive” to prioritize assistance based on skin color and gender. Easy to spot the glaring omission.


  2. What a racist piece of shit! The oy boys want to kill the white peoples businesses.
    You liberal arsharts that voting for this puppet will get what you deserve.

    1. It’ll be interesting to see how this plays out in lib-tard Marfa, where most of the small businesses are owned by whites, not Hispanics. And will these artsy-fartsies whine and complain to NPR (Marfa Public Radio) about it? Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahah

  3. Biden’s Priority..!? How does a mentally ill, Alzheimer’s patient put fwd a personal priority other than groping some young child…!?

    On that note….what else would anyone expect from Communist? They always pander to their target market servantiles…!

    The rest of us are but Goy…!! Not the preferred Goy..!

    Ha ha

  4. Wow. So nothing for us White folk. So much for equality.

    Ever notice how in all shows and movies nowadays the White male is portrayed as the bad guy and every other race and gender is portrayed as the good guys and gals?

    Yep, us White males are so evil.


    Them Zionist Jews are trying their damnedest to end the White race.

    1. Maybe in an ancient past we kicked the dog shit out of the khazaria’s and told them to get lost afteralmost wiping them out and theyre still holding a grudge. LOL.. Or maybe we are truly their greatest threat…..

  5. What is scary, is that if someone says I made a racist, sexist, homophobic or anti-semetic comment at work, I’m gone. No questions asked. HR won’t do anything now days. If someone wants your position, just tell HR you made some sort of comment.

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