Big Ag Closes Plants as Grow Zones Shift – Tyson Fire

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Del Monte is closing US production plants (in WI, MN, and IL) and moving operations further South…or indoors! Likewise, Cargill sold off all assets in Ontario. Tyson fire offlines 6% of US beef pipeline. As major components of modern agriculture are failing, the more significant realization is that these conglomerates have ALREADY GIVEN UP on the current grow zones and started preparing for the tougher growing seasons ahead. Have you? START GROWING TODAY.

3 thoughts on “Big Ag Closes Plants as Grow Zones Shift – Tyson Fire

  1. I am calling BS! I have been driving all over northern Illinois and Wisconsin this summer and the crops are planted, they are healthy and they go on for miles, as far as the eye can see. This is a multi-national corporate plot to destroy the food supply chain in the US, nothing else.

    1. They want to increase ethanol production by 35%, they want more corn for that, not sweet corn for humans.

      That Tyson plant went up in flames thanks to a pro at setting fires. The corruption has become epic.

      Seems that food production is second to where the real money is, drugs and ethanol.

      1. Exactly Mark, they want more ethanol to raise the content from E10 to E15 or E20, making our engines run on the junk will decrease their lifetime. Oh, and let’s not forget the subsidies these con men get from the feds.

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