Bill Of Rights – Must Be Front And Center Of All Conversation – Utmost Importance

No matter where we are while engaged in normal everyday activities, the Bill of Rights must be at the beginning and at the end of all of our sentences as we speak while in public. The Trenches World Report was started on the basis of the Bill of Rights, and its complete reinstatement.

I’m as guilty as the next person in forgetting this and when you think about it it’s of the utmost importance that those words remain strong in our vocabulary during all of our normal activities including speaking with others, the Bill of Rights must remain front-and-center.

From The Trenches World Report was born with the understanding that those blessed articles must be reinstated. I’m probably one of the worst offenders because I go off on some of these articles without even talking about the Bill of Rights and that’s what this site is all about.

As much as we all respect freedom, Henry and Laura Shively and this awesome site, it must remain clear in all of our conversations that the Bill of Rights is front-and-center.

Without The Bill of Rights and the articles within, we are just spinning our wheels and wasting time, and time is something that is becoming shorter by the day.

The Bill of Rights is everything and it’s just as simple as that, there’s no other way to put it. All of us here are front and center frontline warriors.

Death to the New World Order and all the Bill of Rights killers that deserve nothing but the Rope.

6 thoughts on “Bill Of Rights – Must Be Front And Center Of All Conversation – Utmost Importance

  1. ditto that Mark
    I have my ‘Bill of Rights Is Supreme Law’ bumper sticker proudly displayed on the inside of the windshield. I gave both the mayor and the city auditor a BoR coffee mug as a reminder of our supreme law. Just about every time I go uptown I mention our law and violations of it to at least one other. Oh how I wish I hadn’t given all the BoR flags away. I’d have that secured across the front of my house. I sure hope those that have one are displaying it prominently.

  2. yes, Mark….. you’re right.
    That’s why I mention the Bill of Rights in every article I write, and bring it up in daily conversations all the time.

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