Bill O’Reilly Wins Dunce Award for Prime Time

The campaign to gain public support for the United Nations Small Arms Treaty has failed and the propagandists, et al., are flabbergasted.  The false left-right paradigm is sticking out front and center like a sore thumb.

On CNN a female propagandist with a hateful and confused look on her face said that white males see guns as a extension of their phallus and that this is the only way we weak timid creatures can feel any power as men.

Then on the other side of the false left-right paradigm, the tired old propagandist, Bill O’Reilly, looked pathetic in arguing to shut down gun shows and to create a master list of US gun owners for the FBI.

With a snarl on his face, O’Reilly spewed his ignorance as he railed that the FBI should have picked up on James Holmes when he ordered 60,000 rounds of ammunition.  It was only 6,000 rounds of ammunition.  Looks like one of O’Reilly’s researchers is going to be fired when he realizes how stupid he looked as everyone watching knew he didn’t have a clue as to what he was talking about.

And then to make himself look more stupid, if that is even possible, he said that all AK-47s are machine guns, hence fully automatic and declared that they were routinely sold at gun shows without so much as a background check.  Bill O’Reilly is a bad actor who memorized the wrong dialogue.

As noted earlier, the faces in the media looked angry, confused, and scared.  I loved it.  I think it is finally dawning on them that they are doomed and that the elite who control them have made a big gamble, believing they could run a bluff.

Gun sales in Aurora, Colorado increased by 41% on the day the false flag occurred.  And though it is not being reported, I have to believe this increase has happened across our nation.

As for the communist whore on CNN who attacked the white male and his guns, I say this.

Yes we do understand the power of the fire-stick and here is a little tidbit for you, it is not just us.  It is every free patriotic American of every skin pigment and gender.  We are Americans.  When we are confronted with a task we choose the most efficient tool to accomplish our goal.  And once we get the hang of the work we are involved in, we do it better than anyone else on this planet.

In this instance the socialist insurgency that has infiltrated our government at every level has become a rot we must remove.  And so we will remove it.  It is our hope to take care of this rot using a scalpel named Ron Paul.  It has been their intent to take this away from us.  Now the realization has just hit them front and center.  Behind the scalpel, there is an idling chain saw – the patriot American people of the American race.

It is so nice to see these propagandists display their fear and to know that now it is their stomachs that are twisted up in a knot.  The sleeping giant was already awake and aware.  This latest failed false flag was like a cup of strong coffee.

We better watch these lowly cowards.  Once they are certain that we have dismissed them as the insignificance they are, they might just try to start World War III to save themselves.

International elitist in-breeders, you have failed and everything you do from this point on, no one is going to buy it.  Again and again, you will only succeed in further antagonizing us.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

15 thoughts on “Bill O’Reilly Wins Dunce Award for Prime Time

  1. Bill O’Reilly is employed by Fox News which is owned and controlled by Rupert Murdock — a member of the internationalist Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). The most effective way for them to defeat us — is to have their own people leading the opposition (that’s us). Please read the documentation on this in John F. McManus’ well documented book, “William F. Buckley, Jr., Pied Piper For The Establishment”. Write me for more information. 4 Mills Road, Newcastle, ME 04553

  2. I saw this interview last night on O Reilly’s show.I couldn’t believe how uninformed or just plain lying he was about gun and ammo ownership.He treated his guest politician like a retard.His guest made O Reilly look like he hadn’t done his homework on this subject.O Reilly didn’t have a clue what he was talking about.If what O Reilly suggested were passed into law,there would be massive gun confiscation by the Feds.He thought anyone can just stroll into a gun shop or gun show and buy a machine gun or a full auto AK47,not that easy. His guest made him look really dumb on gun issues.I heard OReilly say at least three times the movie shooter bought 60,000 rounds of ammo from the internet.How could he have been wrong three times on that?Maybe he said it on purpose?It was more like 6,000,which is still alot of ammo.I thought we had a free market enterprise in this country,not according to good old Bill O.Bill O. has some good ideas on other issues,but he needs to get informed about gun issues in the real world.Question:Why does the DHS need 450 million, 40 cal. rounds?NATO doesn’t use them,and the U.S. military,as for as i know doesn’t use them.I would love to know the answer to this.

    1. Maybe the DHS is buying up all the .40 cal. ammo so you and I can’t find any. Works on the same principle as the often discussed idea of taxing guns and ammo out of existence by placing such a high excise tax on them until they stop making them or until the average person simply can’t afford them. They’ve already proven the concept works by essentially taxing tobacco out of existence. It’s very likely that soft drinks, fatty food and porno flicks will be next. All for our own good of course because the govmint is looking out for you and me.

      1. Porno will never be taken away. Hollywood will lose business. They make too much money off of that. Why do you think half of the Internet is porn. Why do you think they enforce the illegal downloading of songs and movies but they don’t enforce the porn industry. Works for the corporations but not for the people. Besides, porno makes you dumber or distracted and the elite only want whats best for you. AHEM!!….

      2. The .40 cal ammunition is for the .40 cal Nagant revolvers. The same ones used to shoot 50 million Russians in the back of the head by the Checkists who morphed into the KGB.

  3. I guess the man who believe’s know one is smarter, or wiser than he, can look and sound ignorant at tlme’s, I wonder if he realizes this? I persoanlly, like Mr. O’reily, and most the time I believe he is right on, but then there are those times like this that make’s me raise an eye brow, and scratch my head, then think, “Bill, Bill, what the heck are you thinking, man”?, then come back saying to myself, he’s not. Bill, be cool, man, Gun’s as you are aware, has been apart of America’s culture since day one, how many Guns have killed man? None, Bill it’s man that kill’s and those men were deranged in some way, and most Gun owners are decent, hard working, family men/women, who has bought weapons to hunt (which has been apart of humanity forever), and protection, not to go out and randomly kill whoever they feel like, the only idiot’s that do that, are those like this anarchist, James Holmes, amongst a few other’s, because I can bet you on this, there are more Gun Owners that has never had to use there weapon one iota. Think about that there Mr Bill, just Think.

  4. My Fellow Americans,

    He is not a dunce,.. he is a pathological liar and a traitor,.. EXACTLY what the NWO wants in their Ministry Of Disinformation.

    What I have been able to dig up,… Bill O’Reilly is nothing but an American Traitor:

    He use to work for the CIA, apparently during Operation Mocking Bird in which he assisted in manipulating and how to “influence the domestic and foreign media”

    Note: no one ever “use to” work for the CIA.

    I am not 100% certain in this, so anyone with some measure of background on him, please be kind enough to let me know if the above is correct or not.

    However,…I have listened to him myself on several occassions and consistently found that he is part of the Ministry -Of-Propoganda, he is undermining American values, and is in fact waging a war of disinformation against the American people on behalf of his paymasters.

    This is the very definition of Treason.

    This is the very definition of a Traitor.

    Let us all use our communication networks to pass the word out:

    Bill O’Reilly is a traitor, what EVER he states is propoganda and will be pretty much the opposite of the truth.

    Bill O’Reilly is nothing more than flea-bitten-bag of treasonous filth.

    Its people like Bill O’Reilly that are destroying this country.

    Hoping people who live near him will “hold him responsible” when the time comes.

    JD – US Marines – Helping To Identify Traitors In Our Midst.

  5. Seen the salaries these arse-holes make? – 40 million, 20 million.

    Anybody I’ve seen who tells the truth can’t afford a frigging coffee – but lying pieces of human filth like Dum Dum O’Reilly are rich beyond the dreams of Midas – Welcome to American, land of shit.

  6. I have to give you credit, Henry, you’re willing to take your research on the NWO one step further than I am prepared to go. I absolutely refuse to watch the MSM for any reason, because those lying bast@rds literally make me sick to my stomach, as well as raising my blood pressure. At my age, I do have my health to consider.
    So, thanks for doing the research and keeping the rest of us informed.

  7. it seems that most people forget who this looser is (bill oreilly) he started out doing trash TV from boston.

    he and his ilk will shill anything,

    gee I seem to remember Big bill was pro gun??????

    i guess he shills what he is paid to shill…,,

  8. Wild Bill is a certified member of the corporate elite, who are increasingly becoming scared shitless of a general public that is waking up to the fact that he and his corporate buddies on the left and right have been lying to the people and taking advantage of their ignorance for years.

  9. Not sure why everybody is talking about so much about AK-47’S and colorado.The weapon used there was a AR-15.You can’t buy an AK or AR in full auto without a shit pile of paperwork anywhere (black market not included).This whole thing is being blown out of proportion to the point that it would seem they want the responsable gun owner to start something.Well i have news for them, we’re smarter than they are.

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