Bird Flu Forces Major US Egg Producer To Kill 2 Million Chickens

By Niamh Harris – The People’s Voice

chickens bird flu

Biden administration officials say they are “monitoring” the bird flu outbreak that recently resulted in a cow-to-human infection and an egg producer being forced to kill two million chickens.

Earleir this week the country’s largest chicken egg producer said it had temporarily halted production at a Texas plant due to the chickens coming down with Bird Flu. The plant said it was forced to cull almost 2 million hens.

InfoWars reports: An egg facility in Michigan was also reportedly hit with a Bird Flu outbreak this week.

So far, Texas, Kansas, Idaho, Ohio and Michigan are the only states Infowars can report have confirmed outbreaks in cattle.

If the outbreak spreads out of control, it will be a suspiciously convenient event for the global elite who want humans to consume less animal-based food and instead “Eat Ze Bugs.”


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