Black Lives Matter Pushing For Martial Law And No Elections

All News Pipeline – by Stefan Stanford

Imagine this very real possibility for America in less than 5 months from now. Due to massive civil unrest at both the Democratic and Republican Conventions and ‘planned chaos’ throughout the nation, Barack Obama has declared a state of emergency and the 2016 general election has been ‘postponed’.

Due to the massive unrest that breaks out all across the country, Barack Obama will stay in office for another 2 years until law and order can be restored and another presidential election scheduled and (s)election held. By that point in time, the globalists have maneuvered two of their own candidates into position. Martial law is declared nationwide.

Who ‘wins’ in such a situation?

Only days ago, the Twitter account of one of the leaders of Black Lives Matter, Deray McKesson, was hacked according to this story from the Baltimore Sun. The account was then used by the hacker(s) to send out pro-Donald Trump tweets while belittling ‘Black Lives Matter’. Interestingly enough, a series of direct message conversations between McKesson and another leader of Black Lives Matter, Johnetta Elzie, has just been made public and the conversation that took place between McKesson and Elzie as seen in the screenshots below should be sending up another huge red flag to America: BLM is working with those inside the Obama administration to stop the November election.

Why else would McKesson and Elzie be talking about the declaration of martial law in America prior to the election being a ‘win’ for Black Lives Matter? Why would McKesson be talking with Obama attorney general Loretta Lynch about martial law in America and what BLM needs to do to make sure the election is stopped and Trump kept out of office? Not to mention they’re being told to push the ‘Trump is racist’ line. Since when is wanting a country WITH borders ‘racist’? These DM tweets tell us the way that BLM and the current administration in DC are headed and it’s not good at all for Americans. Much more below including several new video reports on what might be a very difficult summer in 2016 America.



The twitter conversations above were allegedly held by the two leaders of Black Lives Matter seen below.


Why would anyone push for martial law? Have they no clue whatsoever of what would happen then or do they think that they are somehow ‘insulated’ if martial law is declared due to their closeness to the current administration? As we heard from Susan Duclos back in May, we are now witnessing the rise of ‘orchestrated terrorism’ and as ANP reported back in March of 2016, ‘Black Lives Matter’ recently put out a ‘riot pamphlet’ for the Republican National Convention in both English and in Arabic. Are they expecting members of ISIS to be there protesting Trump?

Why are ‘paid protests’ even allowed to take place in America? As we hear in the next video below, there is now proof that many of these anti-Trump protesters are being paid to do so and there is an awful lot of drama ahead as we head into November. Will America allow ‘black lives matter’ and paid protesters to completely disrupt our election cycle in 2016 as we head towards what might be the most important election in our Republic’s history? As the Tweets above show us, it may be totally out of our Republic’s control if BLM is successful in shutting down the general election in 5 months with help from ‘insiders’.

As we hear in the 2nd video below from a person who reads to us an email they recently received from someone who works within government, insiders know that planned chaos awaits America this election season as the globalists try anything that they possibly can to keep an ‘America 1st’ president out of office. Language warning on this video.


10 thoughts on “Black Lives Matter Pushing For Martial Law And No Elections

  1. Obama can’t declare martial law. We’re already in martial law. He’s going to have to declare double secret martial law.

    I really gotta start working on my battle tactics. If I don’t, I might wind up like this duck:

    1. ROFL tc!

      I was thinking the same to myself. How can he declare martial law, when it’s never been rescinded. Considering how stupid he thinks we are, a declaration of double dare ya marshmallow law may do! Lincoln may be the president that he looked up to and admired for a reason after all.

  2. Why does anyone care what THEY want to do? They do what they want anyway. You think elections are real or you have a say in the zionist oligarchy called the government? We know our rights and we know what actions, if any, need to be taken. See you in the trenches.

  3. Lol
    If he thought he could stay in another 2 years
    That’s really funny , because of all the unrest they are creating he would be pulled kicking and screaming from the WH and there wouldn’t be any choice of the matter coming from him

    What a pompous a$$ his inflated ego sure could use a wake up call
    Even on double secret martial law
    Yikes and away

  4. Funny how not ONE of these posters on twitter is getting arrested for conspiracy to incite violence or hate crimes, but if you or I did that, we’d be rounded up by the Feds at our doorstep, discredited and put on the MSM news with the whole three ring circus before you can say “TREASON”!

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