Blatant Vote Fraud in New Hampshire Perpetrated by Mainstream Propaganda Machine

With only 20% of the vote in for the New Hampshire primaries, Romney is giving his acceptance speech as CNN has projected him to win.  This is a fraud of the highest degree.  To predict any outcome with only 20% of the vote calculated is bullshit.

Think of what you have just witnessed.  The mainstream media dictated the percentages through their fraudulent polls and with only 20% of the vote in made those polls the election results.  I guess they can always make the Diebold Voting Machines they are using give the correct number of Dr. Paul’s votes to the other candidates to make it all come out right in the morning.

Banana Republics are laughing at us.

Results for New Hampshire Republican Primary (U.S. Presidential Primary)
Jan 10, 2012 (20% of precincts reporting)
Mitt Romney 13,982 35.4%
Ron Paul 9,763 24.7%
Jon Huntsman 6,716 17%
Newt Gingrich 4,071 10.3%
Rick Santorum 3,979 10.1%

Here are the Watch the Vote 2012 results so far.

Explanation of Paper Ballot Counts:  There are 127 hand-counted towns in NH, and illegal, secret-computer-counts in appx 140 NH towns tonight – Eye-Witness reporters for WatchTheVote2012 and are on the scene in as many hand-counted towns as we could arrange, and we’ll get their reports as a hoped for check and balance on the secret computer counted towns.

0 thoughts on “Blatant Vote Fraud in New Hampshire Perpetrated by Mainstream Propaganda Machine

  1. AP announced his win with only 11% of the precincts counted. There’s No Way such an announcement should be made so early. Blatant propaganda. Utter BS. If we think we smell fish now, just wait. This is going to be the most dirty, crooked election ever.

    1. Very sad isn’t it ? when i observe this stuff an old 60’s song keeps playing over in my mind, by James and Bobby Purify, ” I’m Your Puppet ” sorry but I’m a fossil all I can think of after this crap !

  2. No shit. Fox was stating as fact a double digit victory for Romney.This was while he held a 10% margin with 20% of votes “counted.”They either have inside information on how the remaining 80% is going to vote or on how those votes will be “counted.”

  3. The lamestream media has been ever vigilant and on guard in promoting the Mitt as their wanna be candidate. It’s their desire to promote the status quo irrespective of their preference be it of a right or left preference…even though there is an obvious battle between the repub candidates. Very unbecoming, even by their standards. Yet…who still shines thru. As I am viewing this now and as the results of the N.H. primary trickle in, I am personally elated. After all the walls and bridges that the R. Paul campaign has had to traverse, and for all of the media attempts to paint him as unelectable he still triumphs thru. Presently, as I’m veiwing, R. Paul is 13% behind Romney. A clear 2nd. Romney, the slickster salesman has not catipulted into the forefront as his promoters expected to leave all others behind. Why? It’s in the message…and they are lacking behind. End the status quo…give us a chance at real hope and change and let’s put it back to the way it was meant to be…the way our founders meant it to be. It won’t be like a walk in the park to bring about this change…yet it wasn’t , by historic accounts and what we know,, a walk in the park for our founding fathers (nor their families) to bring about the changes against the Kings will …way back when and long ago before our independence in another time. Let’s just keep this momentum rolling. Keep the drive for Liberty alive.

    1. With all due respect…bullshit. If we do not find some way to stop this blatant vote fraud, Dr. Paul cannot win the presidency. Second place is last place and it is a goddamn lie. Look what they have done with the delegates from Iowa. We cannot win in a game where our opponents can change the rules at will. And we damn sure cannot win in an election where the vote is rigged.

      1. Well those are some real positive words of wisdom your sharing there Henry. Now, let’s call a pork chop greasy here…did you really believe that in Romneys home state that Paul could have taken first place? Hell I’m surprised he took a 2nd (in vote count). Pauls campaign, I’m sure, knows all too well about voter fraud and you know with New Hamps history in that dept. that it was on their radar. Likely there is a rustle within his campaign about the potential for voter fraud and I just have this feeling that he is keeping it on the low for now. I’m just going to leave it at this…I listened as Dr. Paul spoke tonite after the count. I believe his words were sincere when he said this was an historical victory for his campaign and more importantly, liberty itself. He obviously wants to move on and keep rolling and I, if nothing else, owe him that support in the spirit for which he speaks. For now, it’s all I can do.

  4. Indeed,without the wisdom,knowledge and love for individual freedom Ron Paul is another old man.It’s the message and the growing enlightenment of individuals who used to be sucked in by msm.This ain’t no goddamned hippie movement although hippies are welcome if they welcome me ’cause I’m just in it for freedom for me and my neighbor.And my neighbor’s neighbor.Ron Paul has a real shot at winning this election and if he doesn’t,voter fraud or not ,the idea will not go away.Look what’s happened since 2008.There’s more sheeple growing fangs than than wolves growing wool.This is a trend that will continue at an excellerated pace.It’s been said that what it takes to change the opinion of a population is 10% who can agree on a worthy principle.Not like I agree on everything that’s ever been said,or even everything I’ve ever said,but its grist for the mill.I remain optimistic although maybe that’s because I fear neither confrontation nor death.However I would prefer peace and life.That’s why I vote for Ron Paul at every opportunity,at the polls ,in public or on the net.semper fi

  5. It’s crystal clear what the plans of the elite are: get Obama re-elected by putting him up against a Republican candidate that most people won’t trust. However, if by some chance the Republican candidate does beat Obama, then they make sure it’s an Obama clone. It’s a win-win for them and a lose-lose for we the people. Although Ron Paul has come in second in both Iowa and New Hampshire, it’s like Henry said, “Second place is last place and it is a goddamn lie.” If this fraud is allowed to continue, we will either have Romney as President or another four years of Obama, neither of which is even remotely pleasant to think about. The way this election is going, I see revolution coming, and it’s not going to be pretty.

    1. I think they not only anticipate massive social unrest as a backlash to the continuance of their “plan”…they actually welcome it. How else can the NDAA be explained? In speaking with friends and acquaintances I find that none of them are even aware of it. This is because they are still tuned into the msm. The dog and pony show on msm news continues to influence the majority of the population. To express the opinion to most people that this media is corrupt is tantamount to attempting an intelligent conversation on the Roman Catholic Church with a devout Catholic.

      Both of these entities are designed to provide comfort by delusion to the masses who are incapable of facing the existential void that would engulf them without belief in these “institutions”. It is not and never has been the majority of any populace that seeks truth. If it were we would have found peace and prosperity for all long ago. That is a lightly traveled path by comparison to the main highway. It is so because it is far less comfortable. It is a self navigated voyage whereas the other is one of following the tour guides. It never occurs to them that these institutions care nothing for them and that they are being led into, at the least, ignorance and, at worst, even possibly to mayhem and destruction…that is “unthinkable” and “ridiculous” and “paranoid”.

      It is a very rare household that encourages its children to seek truth…in fact it it a very rare household that encourages its children to do anything but shut the hell up. Given the momentum and power of this long entrenched mentality given license to reign by human nature itself is it any wonder how and why we have arrived at the gates of hell once more?

      1. You are so right, I have a different way to look at the media, ( tour guides ). Parents don’t tell their children to shut up anymore, they just stick a video game in their face and tell them to play it in their room.

        1. Isn’t that basically”shut up and go away”? Our culture has been spiritually shot for a very long time…engineered in my opinion. But then…we humans are generally quite easily manipulated. We might be intelligent but we really aren’t that smart.

          1. Well your right about the engineering of human behavior. From cradle to grave your being manipulated to the way you think or act through education and media. Your birth certificate is merely a stock certificate of ownership and your income is a pledge to the (IRS). You were signed into slavery and they make you think your free. Pharoh has to have his share. I trurely hope people wake up someday. Their using eugenics through vaccines and Tera-forming our Atmosphere (chemtrails). GM foods and chemicals to shorten our life span. We are cattle to the elitist underworld. See: End Game .

  6. I blame all this on education. Ever since the Dept. of Education came about, they have been teaching subservience. Our kids today no nothing of true patriotism. The pledge of allegiance is now illegal to recite in school in some places. Our history books are being rewritten. If your a parent with junior high to high school kids and still have your old history books please compare the two. The only way to defeat voter fraud is by teaching our kids to know when they are lied to.

  7. This is nothing new folks. We can stop this by putting up a web site of our own in each state where we vote. A second voting system to counter attack. So you vote in theirs and ours. Then tally results and challenge any what they call free elections. This system is so corrupt we have to get a handle on it.

    1. Yes, Edward. That is a sound idea. In application it would require truly massive funding in order to generate the awareness (and consequential traffic to the sites) to bring about participation. Begs the question of why Ron Paul’s people haven’t already done that does it not? Also explains why they want to shut down an open internet.

      Ideas are plentiful…they do not fear ideas because they know how near to impossible it is to execute them. That is why they have sequestered all the wealth. He who has the gold rules. Until huge amounts of private resources come to the table to launch adequately funded counter measures nothing will change barring the miraculous. That requires that wealthy, intelligent, courageous people with bird’s eye vision come forth. Know any?

      1. Just to add a note:

        I have observed that wealth and intelligence are rare bedfellows. To the contrary the former seems to be the enemy of the latter. When wealth is acquired we humans tend to retreat into our own cocoons and hide from the world at large. (Hey! I’m “safe” here on my hill in my castle….screw ’em! Everybody’s kissing my ass and it’s all about me now!) Not to appear vain and judgmental…perhaps I would do the same. And perhaps also that is why our egocentric species continues to follow the same course over and over again which logically can only lead to mass self destruction.

        But then…what do I know…I don’t even have a “college education”. Just another “dumb guy” here.

        1. And when the ideas stop that means the thinkers are all dead and/or defeated…eh? Eventually, when it gets bad enough maybe, perhaps we’ll see that “the pen is mightier than the sword”.

          So far I have seen little to support that statement as any more than a lovely romantic notion .

          Keep the faith my friend! Who knows…maybe someone, somewhere with the resources will see your idea and run with it. That is definitely what’s needed…a citizen supported voting network on the web…..need some good techies on that, msm advertising and lots’a dough! Of course if they get SOPA done we’re done with that one!

          1. There is a site they call: Transparent Vote. It couldn’t handle all the traffic and crashed during the Iowa prime’s. I don’t know if they are up again or not.

          2. Wonder if was a server overload problem due to low budget tech structure or if it was hacked to crash. I can’t see a setup like this not being messed with.

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