Blinded by the light? Experts say L.E.D headlights can hurt our eyes

Published on Feb 5, 2019

If you have driven on the roads lately and found yourself squinting or looking away at bright headlights, you’re not alone.

13 thoughts on “Blinded by the light? Experts say L.E.D headlights can hurt our eyes

  1. There running led headlights with led fog light on at the same time , i try an watch the white line as I go by theys cars and pick up trucks . I do know that they hurt my eyes . I’m about to put a full size led bar across the top of my truck and let them know how it feels not being able to see

  2. I hate em. I hardly use high beams. In oregon everyone runs highs all the time and they take their half out of the middle. So often ill flash them about 20ft before they get to me. And tell them to eat a d!gk.

  3. Need to learn to look down and away from lights. Follow lines on side of road. I do this all the time, these LEDs arent going anywhere. All new trucks have them. Yes they are dangerous as hell.

  4. I have ended up getting yellow night driving glasses to help counter act this super bright headlamp trend.

  5. I do my best to avoid driving at night because of the headlights. I do look at the stripes in the road and to the right to avoid the lights. Last night after fighting hard rain in Amarillo, that put me behind coming home from Colorado. I had to drive through Ft. Worth and had a devil of a time seeing with all the traffic. I was glad to get out of there and home eventually. I hate those lights.

    I talked with my neurologist and was told they can cause a person who has seizures to have them while driving because of the bright lights. I asked because I do have petite seizures. I also try to avoid playing games that have bright flashing or fast changing colors. The old car lights do not bother me like the newer models.

    1. please listen to the interview I posted above…….it explains just how lethal these led lights are….again…another part of the zionist murderous agenda

      never use leds inside or outside the home

      1. WOW!

        I had no idea Mary, yes everybody needs to watch this – DAMNED IMPORTANT!

        LEDs are everywhere, hell they’re inside my truck all over the damn place. No wonder I always feel like shit!

        Unbelievable…. the whole inside is lit up with these damn things. I’m living in a fkg death trap!

        1. get rid of them Mark…..these evil controllers are destroying us from within (our own bodies) at the cellular level !!!

  6. Yep. And folks were more considerate with the bright lights years ago.

    Hillary is very bad for the eyes as well.

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