Bloomberg Named an Honorary Knight


Michael R. Bloomberg, the former mayor of New York City, has had a longstanding fondness for Britain — choosing London as the European home for both his company and charity, trading advice with the city’s mayor, Boris Johnson, and throwing parties at his two-story apartment on Cadogan Square.

On Monday, the affection was returned in earnest: Queen Elizabeth II named Mr. Bloomberg an honorary knight. The announcement cited Mr. Bloomberg’s “prodigious entrepreneurial and philanthropic endeavors, and the many ways in which they have benefited the United Kingdom and the U.K.-U.S. special relationship.”  

In a statement, Mr. Bloomberg called Britain “a place I have long considered my second home.”

Sir Peter Westmacott, the British ambassador to the United States, praised the mayor’s “key role in forging trans-Atlantic diplomatic, economic and cultural ties.”

Late in his 12-year tenure as mayor, Mr. Bloomberg joined Mr. Johnson to announce a “renewed tourism partnership” to increase travel between New York and London, exchanging outdoor advertising space, among other measures.

Other ideas of Bloomberg’s have seeped into British life. Advisers to Prime Minister David Cameron have tried their own version of 311, and Mr. Johnson began a volunteer program modeled after Mr. Bloomberg’s.

Because Mr. Bloomberg is not a British citizen, he cannot be referred to as “Sir” in the common parlance of knighthood. But he “may forthwith put ‘K.B.E.’ after his name if he wishes,” the announcement said, signifying his status as a knight of the British Empire.

His successor in City Hall, Bill de Blasio, recently dabbled in British politics himself. In a bid to spread his message of combating income inequality across the Atlantic, Mr. de Blasio spoke to Labour Party leaders hoping to retake the prime minister’s office next year.

Mr. Bloomberg, a close friend of Mr. Cameron, the Tory leader, spoke twice at Conservative Party conferences.

14 thoughts on “Bloomberg Named an Honorary Knight

  1. That POS BloomingIdiot deserves to be an honorary member of the “Knucklehead Club”. In my mind, honorary knighthood is a distinction that I would not accept as it really is a piece of royal British bullshit. What distinction do you possess being an honorary knight of these devil worshipping, child sacrificing, blood drinking, flesh eating, sub-human inbreds?

  2. hey Blooming idiot.., if you like the Brits so much why dont you leave and go live there!
    your a traitor to this country anyways , so why dont you go live where they like traitors and wussies , you’ll fit right in , and maybe even see what its like to have your body guards unarmed and possibly need them when some criminal that doesnt abide by Brit laws comes to hold you up for money , because from the truth in reporting it seems their criminals didnt dis arm

    Mr. Bloomberg called Britain “a place I have long considered my second home.”.. ,than LEAVE!

    %#%^1775–1783^$#* you mother F@#%^&$hole!Benedict Arnold

  3. too bad being made a knight does’nt mean i can challenge the piece of crap to a duel !!!

    still, atleast people in the u.k. know is alternate address now 😉

  4. btw, if bloombitch wants to increase tourism to the u.k.,
    i recommend everybody go watch a british film called “snatch” with jason statham.
    because let me tell you – it’s pretty damned close to the way things are in London, i used to know people who were just like in that film!! 😀

  5. Hey when you leave will you take that little sissy Brit piss Morgan with you when you fail er I mean leave here ?
    Thanks much
    From 100% of true Americans

    1. sorry, Morgan is in self-imposed exile AKA on the run.
      there is a u.k. arrest warrant out for him for allegedly tapping fones and hacking voicemail accounts.

  6. A knight? BAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Oh man, only the Zionist elites (as in the evil ones) need a title of nobility in order to prove their ego.

    By the way, isn’t that against the Constitution in that no one in politics can receive a title of nobility? Not like it matters anymore. The Constitution has been shredded and Pee Wee is no longer the mayor of NYC and Barry has appointed himself head of the UN Security Council and has gotten a Nobel Peace prize for WHAT??

    1. dont worry about it, the whole global system is screwed up.

      did you know that tony blair and several israeli presidents have been given the congressional medal of honor?
      i mean what the hell – they arent even u.s. residents!

  7. “Money” can buy anything.
    Especially if you can print as much as you want for yourself and your tribal cronies.
    I’ve got 20 bucks.
    I just took a shit.
    Where are my Nobel prizes, in “Peace”, Biology and Medicine?
    Medicine, you ask? Preparation H. Witch Hazel Rules!
    Oh! I want the make Medal of Honor, too. Believe me, I earned it. (Sarcasm. I haven’t ever done anything even remotely close to the people who have, legitimately, earned that medal. No disrespect intended.)

    I’m very sorry if I offended anyone. Not my intention.
    Sometimes weird shit just pops into my head.

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