Blue Angels jet crashes in Smyrna, TN


SMYRNA, TN (WSMV) – A Blue Angels airplane has crashed at or near the Smyrna-Rutherford County Airport, airport authority confirmed.

The Blue Angels had been practicing on Thursday ahead of this weekend’s Great Tennessee Airshow in Smyrna. They flew over downtown Nashville on Thursday morning.

Few details are available on the crash at this time.  

In an incredible coincidence, earlier in the afternoon one of the Air Force Thunderbirds crashed after performing over the graduation ceremony at the Air Force Academy  with President Barack Obama in attendance. That pilot ejected safely and there were no ground injuries. The plane crashed in a field about 15 miles south of Colorado Springs, CO.

Channel 4 has a crew on the way to the scene and will have more details as they become available.

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One thought on “Blue Angels jet crashes in Smyrna, TN

  1. An Angel and a Thunderbird crash the same day.
    What are the sportsbook odds on that…?
    I really do believe there is some esoteric symbolism here.
    The Native American legends of the Thunderbird said that when they flapped they’re wings the force was so great it sounded like lighting and Thunder.
    Well if your are Dinosaur flying around the size of six squared football fields.
    It makes a little more sense.

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