18 thoughts on “Boston Bombing – Did you notice this?

  1. This is impressive. Stunning evidence of complicit fraud between alleged “law enforcement,” private military contractors and the controlled media to cover up the real evidence for the explosion. Good work!

  2. Soooooo Not that I care but a question I havent heard asked is WHO WON THE MARATHON,was it finished or cancelled continued until the 10,000 cops catch the 19yr old CHILD.

    1. No kidding JR. But will this come out on monday when Beck challenges the media?Huh! No- he’ll probably weave a new web on why we need to blow up Chechnya now.
      THIS IS THE BLACK AND WHITE ANSWER-if we can see it here, and this is not out-and soon, in MSM, there is no hope.What does the Boston Globe say about this? Is this fake?How could it be if it has their title on it?
      Thanks to Henry and his family and the posters here
      BTW YOU Tube has flagged this as offensive?Download before it’s gone?

  3. Let me preface this comment by saying that I know almost nothing about twitter and how it logs information. As a result, the comment below could be way off base, but I found it odd nonetheless.

    I went to Boston Globe’s twitter page to look for the tweet cited in the video. Their feed only goes back until April 15th right after the explosion. The White House’s feed goes back to 29 January. I realize the Globe has put out a lot of tweets in the past week, but surely not as many as the White House put out over 3 months? Where did they go?

    1. Very Odd thing all the tweets are back on the Globe profile except the one in the video. Question the blast went off at 2:37 I believe not positive. I did find this one at 11:59…… There always seems to be a glitch when they get caught at something.

      BREAKING NEWS: Two powerful explosions detonated in quick succession right next to the Boston Marathon finsh line this afternoon.

      11:59 AM – 15 Apr 13 · Details

  4. The time stamp is in UTC not EDT so it took place @ 4:53 eastern time, 12:53 UTC = 4:53 EDT time, 30 minutes after the explosion. They were detonating a suspicious bomb they found after the explosions took place. If you google the tweet it will show up in google’s cache and you can confirm it’s still there, not deleted. No conspiracy, chill out. Timezone mistake!

  5. Why isn’t anyone asking the obvious question? Who in their right mind has a controlled demolition in a downtown area in the first place? Having an exercise that parallels the actual events, we’ve seen that before. But having a “controlled explosion” anywhere near a populated area is extremely stupid and should get someone fired at the very least.

    What I’m saying is that those perpetrating these events are beginning to get sloppy. They can’t even come up with a cover story that seems plausible in the first place. The only way they’re getting away with any of this is because they’ve done such a good job of brainwashing the public.

    I’m interested to see exactly how they’re going to use this one. Aside from the stripping away of liberty in general. And this is to protect us of course.

    1. Ian, I just said the very same thing to my husband! Also watch the people around the explosion, not what you would expect for something that was supposedly “random”

      It is my belief that they staged the whole thing to see how the people would react to the illegal searches they performed the following day when they kicked in peoples doors and searched through their homes. The people believed that the government was protecting them so they allowed it however, I think the government wants to see how far they can go!

  6. sometimes.. people ‘see’. This entire show was to acclimate the public to towns being seized and full of tanks. .. and of course to think ITS A GOOD THING.

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