Boston Marathon Bombing: Who Do They Plan To Blame?

Alt-Market – by Brandon Smith

“You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.” – Rahm Emanuel, former White House Chief Of Staff to Barack Obama

While many people might immediately dismiss the concept, any student of true and unadulterated history has to eventually admit this fact:  Governments exploit crisis.  Sometimes, they merely take advantage of the ensuing chaos and aftermath of a disaster they had nothing to do with directly.  Other times, they create those disasters themselves in order to engineer social and political opportunity.   

In regard to the recent bombing of the Boston Marathon, which killed three people and injured at least 140, I have asked “Who do they plan to blame?”  The unaware and naïve will state that “They will blame the true culprit behind the attack, of course!”  Unfortunately, in the past couple decades I have seen numerous terrorist attacks where the blame was NOT placed on the true culprit, or, the blame was extended to totally uninvolved groups and organizations in order to politicize the event.  Governments (especially our government) squeeze each man-made disaster like a ripe papaya until every drop of sweet advantage can be collected.  They use our fear and confusion as license to attack a predetermined list of targets that may or may not have had anything to do with the original event.  They tell the story in a way that suits their end-line interests, and the last thing they are concerned with is helping the public to “understand”.  In the end, what average citizens see as an authoritative analysis on the facts from their “loving” leaders is in reality nothing more than an exercise in fantasy.

Now, the thought of persons and institutions within our government being malicious enough to create a terrorist event to be used to manipulate the public towards a certain end tends to bring out furious denial in some Americans.  This is because those people with weak characters and an even weaker sense of identity tend to attach their egos to the collective.  They live vicariously through the group, or the nation state, so that the State’s accomplishments and trials become THEIR accomplishments and trails.  To accuse the state of criminality is to accuse them of criminality.

The Boston bombing already has the makings of a subversive and highly exploitable false flag event, and certain undertones remind me of the now exposed Operation Gladio, a false flag program utilized by NATO governments (including the U.S.) for decades which involved multiple bombings and mass shootings of high traffic public areas across Europe that were then falsely blamed on “left-wing terrorists”.  The operation was exposed in the early 1990’s by the Italian government, and then quickly swept into the dust bin of history.

Vincenzo Vinciguerra, a far-right terrorist linked to Gladio and currently serving a life-sentence for the car bomb murder of three policemen stated during sworn testimony on Gladio in March of 2001:

“You had to attack civilians, the people, women, children, innocent people, unknown people far removed from any political game…”

“The reason was quite simple. They were supposed to force these people, the Italian public, to turn to the state to ask for greater security. This is the political logic that lies behind all the massacres and the bombings which remain unpunished, because the state cannot convict itself or declare itself responsible for what happened…”

The strategy used by NATO was clear – terrorize the common population, target as many innocents as possible in places where they felt most comfortable and at ease, and drive the citizenry into the waiting arms of the establishment.  The tactic creates the cancerous spread of public tension because the sense of “distance” from violence is removed.  An attack could literally happen anytime, anywhere.  A predetermined scapegoat enemy is then presented, completing the circle and galvanizing the people in the direction the establishment desires.

The methods used in Europe to demonize “left-wing” political movements could just as easily be used to demonize what some call “right-wing” political movements here in the U.S.  Let’s look at some of the facts surrounding the Boston incident so far:

Boston authorities and witnesses on the scene admit that bomb sniffing dogs and roof spotters were employed before the race even began.  The local bomb squad was also coincidentally running a “controlled explosion drill” only one mile away from the attack:

Participants at the race were told repeatedly not to worry, and that a “training exercise” was taking place.  In nearly every major terror attack since 9/11, from the U.S., to the UK and Spain, the government was running “training exercises and drills” fitting the EXACT description of the threat that then suddenly occurred in real life on the same day.  Perhaps it is only an overtly reoccurring negative serendipity, but in my view, if the authorities are running a training exercise for a bombing in your town, it might be best to run for the hills before their little war-game becomes real yet again.

Boston Police Commissioner Edward Davis also stated that authorities were not aware of any specific threats to the marathon before it began, which means that they are not presenting any claims that they had reason to believe a bombing might take place:

So, just to clarify, the Boston police on the suggestion of…someone, decided to run bomb squad training, bomb sniffing dogs, and rooftop spotters on the exact same day that the Boston Marathon happened to be bombed…just because?

I would add to this conundrum another question – With all those bomb sniffing dogs present, and with multiple devices now found on the scene, how did they not find at least one of the explosive packages before people were killed?  Those dogs need to be fired, I suppose…

Along with the immediate strangeness of the attack, the timing is also rather perfect for the establishment.

April 15th is tax day across the nation, and Tax Protest Day sponsored annually by Tea Party organizations across the country also just happened to fall on the 15th this year.  On top of this, in Massachusetts, Patriots Day (a civic holiday celebrating the battles of Lexington and Concord) is held on the third Monday of April every year, which just happened to be the 15th this year.  Oath Keepers, a constitutional organization often wrongly attacked as a “domestic extremist group” by the DHS and SPLC, just happened to have a large pro-freedom rally scheduled for the 19th of April at Lexington Green in Massachusetts.  Are we starting to get the picture here?

With the Senate in the midst of the most blatant attack on our 2nd Amendment rights in history following the passage of the absurdly fascist NDAA and the White House’s unwillingness to remove American citizens as potential targets for executive ordered assassination,  and with multiple states now implementing draconian gun restrictions and even confiscations, public opinion is quickly moving against the Federal Government.  Wouldn’t it be beneficial for their agenda if it turned out that the Boston Marathon Bombing was executed by a group of “pro-gun anti-income tax anti-government domestic terrorists”, or maybe just Constitutionalists and Liberty Movement activists that are labeled as such?

Wouldn’t that be a big turn-off for those on the fence but shifting towards gun rights and constitutionalism?  Wouldn’t it be great for the DHS and the SPLC if all their anti-Constitutionalist propaganda was suddenly proven “correct”?  Maybe the TSA could even suggest roving street checkpoints and random searches so that such a calamity “never happens again”.

No suspects have yet been named in the marathon attacks, and none have claimed responsibility, so perhaps I am jumping to conclusions.  Perhaps we’ll find out those dastardly North Koreans were behind it all, or maybe those devious Iranians.  However, I can’t shake off that smell of a setup lurking in the musty sickly statist air, and the mainstream media is already suggesting “right-wing involvement” (why don’t they ever suggest left-wing extremism as a possibility…?).

As I have said many times before, during any crisis, always look at who benefited the most from the event.  Look at who had something to gain, rather than the first scapegoats they throw in front of you.  Some terror attacks are real, and some are proven as staged, but never forget that government power structures do not see these tragedies as tragedies; rather, they see them as gifts; precious openings that create vulnerabilities in the psyche of the citizenry.  They WILL exploit these vulnerabilities to further their own agenda, and they WILL exploit the Boston Marathon Bombing to demoralize and marginalize their political enemies.  Count on it.


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30 thoughts on “Boston Marathon Bombing: Who Do They Plan To Blame?

  1. ABC Good Morning America had a Sweet Young Airhead in a red dress blaming ANYONE who questions or protests the government. She was tying Patriots, Tax protesters, OWS, Tea Party, with a generous helping of Adolph Hitler’s birthday on April 20th.

  2. Officially, it’s a tragedy.

    I don’t know whether it’s real, or a bombing drill. There’s been a lot of those:

    “hurricane drill
    – school shooting drill

    and now, a bombing in the streets killing people.

    Ther’ve been witness reports of strange goings on.

    I believe the gov. did it as a test, , and the reaction of the public, and how the event will work. And that the government, may have actually gone ahead and killed people that way.

    The Feds don’t care about people.

    The sad thing about it, is that our own people are being used to control us. The cops, and the “lower ranks in the military, which are ourown children.

    1. I also meant to say, that

      tptb are asking, “Who could have placed the bombs, with all those cops, and security, and cameras around?”

      it just struck me this morning, that, in this way, tptb are on the way to blame ALL of us, considering ALL civilians as “terrorists” now.

      tptb will have us looking at each other in suspicion, now.

      It’s called turning on each other, divide and conquer!

      AND this way, also, tptb will have an excuse to turn the dogss:” of war against us.

  3. They should blame whom ever is responsible. Not with BS facts. The real facts. “You should never let a serious crisis go to waste”. I can’t wait to see what they come up with.

  4. The story is beginning to fall apart!
    At the FBI news conference the Mass. Governor said that there were ONLY TWO BOMBS! The bombs that exploded. While he was saying that a federal spokesman that claimed at least two more bombs were found was scrolling along the bottom of the screen.. And no one is in custody, no suspects yet…


    “Oh please Mr.Obama, take away all my rights in order to keep me safe!,” THE MANTRA OF THE SHEEP

    1. Oh yea rhumstruck, it is like that person of interest they had right away. A person of interest or a suspect. Sounds like another training exercise called conditioning to me. Just look at how fast the medics and those cops were on scene – they said with in 15 seconds if I heard them right – of course that was on early morning MSM though ya know, BULLBUTTER is right. LOL

  5. These things aren’t working anymore. Whenever people hear of a bomb going off they assume MOSSAD, and wonder who’ll be blamed for it rather than who might have done it.

    1. Hi Jolly Roger,

      I’m not convinced that Mossad had anything to do with this one (as much as I detest Mossad,… I don’t see any indicators of their involvment,.. they simply have a different style).

      This Staged Event has the fingerprints of the FBI/DHS and/or Secret Service all over it.

      I strongly suspect that if we did an inventory of DHS’s purchase of a ton of Ammonium Nitrate and RDX last year,.. it will be missing about 100 lbs or so.

      We will be finding out in the next day or two the REAL reason the US Fed Gov’t just murdered some more innocent Americans when they start the blame game, and suggest the “necessary course of action”.

      Then,.. the game is afoot.

      JD – US Marines – More Americans killed and maimed by our own gov’t. This is what the Second Amendment was designed to allow us to stop.

      1. I agree with you on that one, JD. Mossad usually involves Muslims and something of International nature. This is domestic and fits in with the DHS/TSA/FBI profile.

  6. From Debka: “The ball-bearings scattered across the crime scene and found in the pockets of some of the casualties were familiar to Israelis and others and telling evidence of Middle East terrorist authorship.”

    Metal used in explosives is as old as explosives. To say ball bearings are a hallmark of ME terrorism is a lie and deception.

    The spin is already reaching nauseating levels.


  7. Conspiracy, Conflict and Control are the illuminati commie terrorists tools to confuse and condition the sheeple into accepting their fascist takeover.

    The illuminati control the media and they like to send the Goyim a message beforehand. Last month’s Family Guy which has since been changed tis morning on You Tube as it is now after their terrorist event and so must be controlled.

  8. “Maybe the TSA could even suggest roving street checkpoints and random searches so that such a calamity “never happens again”.”

    Oh boy…this fits right in with my article that I wrote yesterday,

    See article here:

    Check under “Street checks” after the “deadline for handing in your guns”. This is going along just as Major H. Von Dach Bern had stated in his book, “Total Resistance”.

    Next will be door to door gun confiscation and house checks. Be on the lookout.

    1. I’m not thrilled with the idea of extremely limited communication, but I am thinking it’s time to slip into the cave and disappear from prying eyes. Anyone approaching that “door” will be shot first, if they survive, questioned before disposal. I’m don’t have the luxury of like-minded individuals nearby with which I can share security watches with. So, I’ll have to booby trap the entrance so I can sleep. I am not worried about not hearing something while sleeping, a flea fart wakes me up!
      Be vigilant !

  9. And guess what everyone. Friday is April 19th, the day the Oathkeepers are having their rally in Lexington. And that same time, Obama will reveal that it was some crazed “right wing-anti-gun control extremist” who did it all and thus disrupting and blocking out the Oathkeepers event and making them look bad or putting the blame on them.

    Convenient timing, if I do say so myself.

    The game is on people.

  10. Can anyone tell me how the JFK library fits into all of this. How come they are downplaying it and how come they are saying there were only 2 explosions when eyewitnesses clearly stated they heard at least 3 explosions? And if the JFK library did not explode and only caught on fire, then how come it happened three miles away from the marathon and happened almost at the same time. I sense another building 7 scenario going on here. What’s the significance of the JFK library in all of this? Why is the MSM masking it and the 3rd explosion? They are hiding something bigtime. Purple van anyone?

    1. Hey N C I read somewhere that mossad killed jfk(dallas 63) and this is just a sort of crowing thing a reminder of their first american attack even though it is accepted that lincoln was killed by the same j-w banking families.

      1. I think the JFK library was just a signature from FBI,DHS,TSA to Mossad that they did it. Non-verbal communication at its best if you know what I mean!

  11. It will be blamed on Patriots, to be a patriot will be evil. Anyone pro the constitution, pro personal liberty, wanting small government they will be portrayed as an evil Patriot.

    A positive word like patriot is subtly changed into a negative. In the illuminati satanic cult good is portrayed as evil and evil is portrayed as good.

    1. Moral is immoral and immoral is moral. Logical is illogical and illogical is logical. Yep that definitely fits the elite’s profile these days. What can I say? It’s truly a MAD world we live in.

  12. Now you folks know this was a well cordinated terrorizor plot brought to us by that eveeel N korean and alciada in cahoots with the ghost of osamaben fergotten and them eveel irainians with all that refined to 3% nukuler fuel plus I bet chavezs’s newly elected(venezuela) vice pres. had his eveel hand in the cookie jar toooooooooo.This is reason enough too turn in all your weapons and butterknives as the african only wants ALL YOUR FREEDOMS for total promised security.So come on guys it is in our best interests to be TAKEN CARE OF by our “leaders: who have done a bang up job so far.HaHaHahahahaha This african murderer kills a hundred times this many innocents each and every “drone strike” .

  13. Hey Rhums, Why did I think you lived in kentucky.I thought we already knew how dangerous those “assault axes” could be LOL

  14. Funny how no cops were hurt. Not surprised though….. Some of the runners kept running to the nearest hospital to give blood.

    1. And the Boston Mayor slips away minutes before the first explosion. How convenient! I smell rotten carp!

    2. I wonder how long that it takes to test all that blood for comunicable deseases. Think of all the blood born deseases that probobly will be spread. I have just heard that they are not taking any more blood donations because they are at full capacity, that was on ABC news.

  15. I heard a rumor that they’re already working on a script for a Movie of the Week. It portrays Boston’s finest (hack, hack) in their valiantly unselfish efforts to assist the injured in receiving immediate medical attention.

    What a huge relief it was to discover that NO police were injured even slightly in the commission of this (false flag) terrorist event.

    I have no doubt that right-wing anti-gun control extremists were behind this dastardly deed, as I’m certain the so-called ‘government’s’ investigation will soon reveal.

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