On Sep 2, 2020,  there was a practise drill.

Colorado Springs tested emergency preparedness with a mass-casualty drill.

‘Roughly 80 police, fire, ambulance and other emergency personnel from 11 agencies participated in a mass-casualty drill, in a field near the Colorado Springs Airport.’

Six shooting incidents from 1999-2021 occurred within a 40-mile radius of the shooting, on 22 3 2021, at Boulder King Soopers Colorado

4 thoughts on “BOULDER COLORADO ‘FALSE FLAG’ 22 MARCH 2021

  1. the media planned to spend the next few weeks talking about the Boulder shooting , and than all the gun grabbers were gong to make a run with it
    but now they will have to find something else to talk about since the shooter is a Syrian Immigrant named Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa …

    who just bombed Syria again?…

  2. Man, jus’ gotta say, Can you believe the intelligence out there? I’m humbled. People connecting dots like mad and many citing the gun-grab agenda. How long can the sewer mainstream news hold back the tide?


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