Boy Is Beaten And Bullied At School, Cop Responds By Shooting Him In The Chest

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A police officer at a Nevada school shot a student last week, and the details are horrific.

The student – 14-year old Logan Clark – was reportedly emotionally distressed, bleeding, and armed with a knife when he was shot in the chest by a campus cop at Hug High School in Reno.

Logan had been bullied and beaten and was trying to escape from a crowd of classmates who had gathered to capture video of an anticipated fight when the shooting occurred.  

David Houston, the Logan’s attorney, told the AP that he was still reviewing footage of the incident posted on social media. He said several videos suggest none of the students felt threatened by the knife-wielding boy and many appeared shocked when the officer opened fire in a high school courtyard.

From the AP:

“Those kids were alerted there was going to be a beat-down at a specific time and a specific location. They had amassed with their cellphones for the purpose of filming it,” Houston told the AP.

He added: “Half the student body is out there cheering them on. He’d been punched in the face and was running around screaming, ‘Get away from me!’ He was trying to extricate himself from a situation that had become like spectators in the Roman Colosseum.”

One video appears to capture the sound of a single gunshot and several students screaming before the camera shows Logan writhing in pain on the ground.

A student’s voice says, “They shot the kid.”

Houston said of the footage:

“The video tells the story. No one anticipated the officer is going to shoot the kid.

There was no attempt to calm the situation. There was not this genuine sense of panic or alarm by the students watching until the officer attempted to execute the 14-year-old who was screaming, ‘Get away from me.’”

So far, no charges have been filed. The cop has been placed on paid administrative leave (surprise, surprise!) while Reno police conduct an investigation.

Reno Police Chief Jason Soto reportedly said Logan threatened other students and failed to comply with the officer’s orders to drop the knife before the officer shot him.

On Friday, Traci Davis, the school superintendent, said she believes “the officer’s judgment saved other students from deadly force.”

The school district’s chief lawyer criticized Houston for speaking out:

“It is disappointing to think that such a tragic event can be sensationalized by one side and by the media in order to spread false truths, innuendos, and disparage the efforts of a law enforcement officer protecting children,” said the lawyer, Neil A. Rombardo.

I’m sorry, what? If what we are being told so far is true, Logan was protecting himself from receiving yet another beating from a GROUP OF OLDER KIDS, and the cop that showed up did nothing but put all of the children there in MORE danger. Since when is firing a shot into a crowd of teenagers “protecting children”?

Houston said the Logan “brought some kitchen knives to school” because he feared “he’d get jumped by the same group of seniors who had beaten him the day before.”

So, the kids who beat Logan were ALLOWED BACK AT SCHOOL despite giving a much younger child a beat-down the day before this tragic incident?

On the Tuesday before the shooting, Logan had reported to school officials that he was being bullied and was going to be “jumped,” or beaten, by five other students, according to Houston.

“From what I understand, he was a special needs kid who had emotional problems, but because he was special needs, no one took his reporting seriously,” Houston said.

The officer could have tried more to calm Logan down and convince him to put the knife down, as Houston pointed out:

“They could have said, ‘It’s OK, nobody is going to hurt you,’” Houston said. “One of the primary rules of our society is we don’t shoot our children. We simply don’t shoot first and ask questions later.”

The most disturbing part of this entire debacle – and the reason Houston said he has agreed to represent the family – is the school’s response, which included firing a gun at a student in a crowd of other students:

“I have a 16-year-old,” Houston said. “I can’t imagine that is a first response for an emotionally distressed child.”

He added,

“We do not kill our kids,” he said. “I watched the district have a press conference totally happy about their performance when I don’t understand the excessive use of force.”

Demick Laflamme told the Reno Gazette-Journal that Logan is his son’s best friend, and that the boy had been “bullied for days.”

“The kids take bullying into their own hands, and he was shot for it,” Laflamme said.

Laflamme said he found videos online and was horrified to see his son standing next to the shot student, his friend.

“How could they shoot a kid in front of a bunch of other kids?” he asked. “My kid was right there. He could’ve been hurt. My son tried to go help (his friend) and the police told him to back off.”

Around noon, the school district sent an email to parents to notify them that there was trouble at the school, but the message didn’t mention a police shooting or student injury. It just stated that Hug was locked down following “an incident on campus.”

Another parent, Elizabeth Foldi, said she went to the school and waited outside for hours, only to discover police took her son off campus for questioning because he witnessed the shooting. Her son, who is 15, told her what was going on via a text message. Foldi said she was furious:

“They don’t have permission to take my son away,” Foldi said. “How can they do that? He needs a parent. He needs a support system.”

Logan was initially on life support, and was appearing to recover. But Houston said the boy had emergency surgery Friday following a stroke and is in intensive care.

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4 thoughts on “Boy Is Beaten And Bullied At School, Cop Responds By Shooting Him In The Chest

  1. Yes, it’s an obvious cold-blooded murder, that’s becoming the typical response from the psychopaths they call “police” these days, but you better get used to cops killing whomever they want to, or you better get ready to fight back.

    We, and the witnesses, will find it disturbing, but it happens EVERY DAY because cops have obviously been ordered to seize ANY opportunity to shoot an American.

    They want the population beaten into submission, and they want the cops trained to kill large numbers of people without remorse, or hesitation. Blowing this kid away, just as with ALL the innocent kids they blow away, is all part of their training to assist in the mass-murder of Americans.

    Any normal human would feel remorse over this senseless killing of an innocent human, but cops laugh about it, CELEBRATE these events in the local bar after work, and some of them even get a tattoo for every person they kill.

    Anyone who believes there are “good cops” anywhere is an idiot. This could not continue if ANY OF THEM were good. They may feel compelled to commit and act of kindness or goodness every once in a while, but when that’s the case, it’s only a device that helps them deal with the repressed guilt they must harbor from their wanton murder of innocent people all across the country.

    “From what I understand, he was a special needs kid who had emotional problems, but because he was special needs, no one took his reporting seriously,” Houston said.”

    They always throw in the “special needs” or “emotionally disturbed” description of the victim so the public believes it’s just another lunatic who probably deserved to be shot, but where’s the confirmation of this?

    I don’t think a “special needs” kid would be showing up for a scheduled fight that everyone knew was going to transpire. It’s BS, as should be expected from any lying Zionist rag trying to pass itself off as a “newspaper”.

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