3 thoughts on “Brand Thorton files his complaint against Metro

  1. Wow! Excellent work, Wade. Glad to hear it. At least we know some of the cops are divided on the issue. That means many of them are waking up.

    However, as I said before, regardless of where those cops stand, they are still cops and I don’t trust them one damn bit.

    Once again, great job, Wade. Keep it coming, brother. With the MSM going on a disinformation war path campaign against the Bundys, it’s important that you help us flood the Internet with as much footage and information as you can give us in order to push them back and defeat them.

    You know, the MSM is pathetic because you actually have more footage and interviews right now than they do. 😆 It’s hilarious.

    In fact, instead of the MSM getting more interviews and footage to try and use against the Bundys, it seems the MSM is just no longer doing it because they can’t find anyone on the ground who will lie and betray our country and say what they want them to say. So now they are just resorting to tiny made up reports by lone reporters on the ground with a desert in the background or some political analyst saying what they want the people to hear with no proof or evidence whatsoever to back up their claims or accusations.

    However, I must say, be on the lookout for paid actors, Wade, as I’m surprised they haven’t hired some actors already who would pretend and say that they were there at the time of the Bundy incident or lie and say that they were physically harassed by the militia. Watch out for Robbie Parker wannabes posing to be neighbors or townsfolk. Just shooting some ideas out there for you to keep in mind in case the MSM and government continue to pursue this thing further, which we all know they will.

    God Bless and may God keep you safe!

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