Public prepped for Bundy BLM militia deadly SEAL team raid

Published on May 2, 2014 by David Acton’s Cyber War

Public prepped for Bundy BLM militia justified killing

Public prepped for Bundy BLM militia deadly SEAL team raid

Death threats, armed patrols, armed check points, town in constant fear, bomb threats, fight to death, prepared to die, etc.

All signs point to a Bundy BLM militia ranch raid that the public must be prepped for

Raid on Bundy BLM militia — more MSM conditioning

Published on May 2, 2014 by David Acton’s Cyber War

13 thoughts on “Public prepped for Bundy BLM militia deadly SEAL team raid

  1. I hadn’t thought of that perspective before, and I can see now how it could play out that way. Interesting … I’m glad he brought that out. I just hope he’s not giving any government psychos any more ideas. Anymore one has to darn near have a psychiatric degree to stay one step ahead of “them”.
    . . .

    1. I agree with this lady. The television host was actually risking his job in making that declaration because he is right and he alerted the public to some very highly classified topics the government does not want out in the public domain. In 1994, a seminal document called The Revolution in Military Affairs was published envisioning a meld between police operations, psychological conditioning, artful false flag propaganda, provocation operations and the use of mind bending drugs to set the stage for the deployment of advanced technology weapons with advanced guidance and surveillance systems to defeat the enemy,

      In this schema, advanced drones with weapons and FLIR sensors, LLTV, laser guidance, actors portraying the enemy , mind-altering drugs, holograms, and heavily armed special forces teams would all work to together to degrade the will, alter the mood of the enemy, to fix and paralyze the enemy’s capability to react, and then to use sophisticated weapons incorporating biotechnology, and nano technology to destroy him, while credibly blaming somebody else for the outcome.

      Following this line of reasoning, it is entirely possible that mind control weapons, either airborne or ground borne, such as microwave beams, psychotropic drugs, combined with the insertion of double agents to provoke chaos, thus splitting the unity of command and purpose will be employed as a means of degrading the will of the resistors at the Bundy ranch. Finally, the covert insertion of special forces with advanced weapons may be utilized to kill everyone, followed by media spin that the Bundy family and their supporters were planning terrorist acts with mass weapons, thus requiring their elimination as a pro-active measre. All of this is covered under NDAA. End of the story. We have already seen some of these characteristics and weapons utilized at the Oklahoma City bombing, in Afghanistan, and in the recent Seal Team 6 raid on supposedly Osama Bin Ladin.

      The question that must be asked now, is the Administration willing to risk a devastating civil war and all that follows to eliminate an ornery rancher who believes he has been wronged by overreaching federal stooges and who is sympathetically viewed by significant numbers of the American people?

      Quintus Dias

      1. Yes, he would be risking his job, if he were not working for the other side. The fact is these geniuses and their technology who are supposed to scare us into leaving Nevada, are the same geniuses that couldn’t get a website up with a billion dollar advance.
        It also seems there is some assumption that the militia is not capable of evaluating and countering this technology that the minds of our people created.
        I believe this is more psy-ops designed to scare people away.
        There are ex-Seals in the militia. The militia knows their tactics.
        I don’t know what is going to happen next, but I will agree with your final statement. When these communist sons of bitches finally fire on our people, the war will be on in every quarter across this country and our enemy will be vanquished.

        1. Yes, Henry is right. I do expect the other side to ratchet up the psychological pressure and demonization to contain and isolate the Bundy family from the heartland. That is why it is important that the militia and the Bundy’s have a voice to speak to Americans. However, you can only call the devil the devil so many times before the devil, if he doesn’t do devilish things looses traction. People will fall away from the MSM spin meisters and propaganda after having seen the gambit to vilify Bundy for what it is.

          Moreover, every weapon system has a counter or a field expedient improvisation. Despite all of our vaunted technology the VC and the NVA kicked our butts time and time again. The Mujahideen kicked the Soviets out of their country despite being armed with old British .303 rifles and light weapons taken from the enemy. The mujs seem to be running around our heavily overloaded troops and messing up their ops plans. They cope with drones and surveillance systems by using wool blankets, mylar sheeting and using ground cover along with electronic jammers.

          There are suggestions that the administration concede that they made an enormous error. Contextually, they should fire and prosecute any federal lawman who got out of line, fire the policy makers who advocated raiding Bundy, and apologize to Bundy and the entire nation. Harry Reid should be fired and prosecuted for influence peddling and treason, and so should anyone else who took part in this inanity.

          That is what logical people with heart would do. But Obama and his boys won’t. They are zealots, political fanatics with bad hearts. If you don’t fit within their schema, they will do everything to destroy you.

          To concede on this issue is to rebut Agenda 21, globalization, and the insidious march to create an overarching American police state. Additionally, it implies a huge defeat for the money power driving American politics and politicians. Should Bundy become the rallying cry and the rallying point for American patriots, then it is conceivable that the very tough and hardy American rifleman will rise up and kick the money power out of this country for once and all.

          Really? We did it once before by taking on the foremost military power in the world, England, defeating her, and sending the Redcoats packing.

          In summation, Bundy has the potential to totally unravel globalization and the New World Order plans for this country and this century. That is how much is riding on the outcome of the Bundy incident and others like it now shaping up on the horizon. We know this and so do they and Obama is far from being Xerxes.

          Molon Labe.

          Quintus Dias

        2. “The fact is these geniuses and their technology who are supposed to scare us into leaving Nevada, are the same geniuses that couldn’t get a website up with a billion dollar advance.”

          ROLMFAO!!! Nice one, Henry. 😆 I love it. You hit the nail on the head with that one.

  2. A SEAL team raid? Are we talking about the same kind of SEAL team that raided the supposed Osama Bin Laden compound? Sorry. Not buying it. Even worse disinformation than a drone strike.

    SEAL teams have a high code of honor and raiding the American people DEFINITELY goes against that code of honor. If anyone is going to do a raid, it’s going to be foreign troops dressed up as a SEAL team squad. No self-respecting SEAL would dare do a mission like this.

    1. I’m most certain infiltrators are in place who will have to be dealt with swiftly once exposed. Yes NC, the dominoes are all set up and ready to go. So I got my tools out and oiled them up for a rainy day. What do you know, rain is in the forecast.

    2. And look what happened to the SEAL team that raided the supposed Osama Bin Laden compound. Never mind that Bin Laden died I believe it was 1991. Psyche!
      . . .

      1. Exactly! And since the truth has come out even way more since then about everything that’s happening and our foreign government in office, I see no reason whatsoever why any SEAL team member would justify raiding the Bundy Ranch unless it was a bunch of foreign mercenaries dressed up as a SEAL team.

      2. Anytime the libs/commies haul out Rachel Maddow, you can expect a full spectrum demonization campaign with MSNBC leading and all other media falling in lock step. We CANNOT afford to loose the information war!


    Oh man, I’m sorry but this is absolutely ridiculous.

    The MSM is out in full force with Maddow saying the militia are in “fantasy land” and this other guy calling them “Separatists” and that the residents want them out and fear for their lives?

    Seriously? What a joke.

    Then you have the first video stating that some hotels had received bomb threats from who they thought were the militia?

    Seriously? Did they even trace the calls or did they just repeat what some government prankster said over the phone, because for all we know, it could have been just a paid off Fed calling “anonymously” from his office and issuing a bomb threat and no one would ever know or verify it.

    Either way, this is absolutely pathetic and all the more reason to get as many people down there and as many alternative media videos (thank you Wade) out on the Internet and flood the world with it, as this is the only way to shut these MSM assholes up and shove it back in their faces.

    Right now, the elite could make the power go out at FOX News or CNN or the local news 8 station and the MSM will just blame it on the militia at the Bundy Ranch. That’s how far they are going to take it.

    Beware and stay vigilant, militia and patriots. May God be with you all.

  4. Go militia!

    The only thing the feds can do is propaganda. Unless they want every cop and gov building in the country to start on fire which is what is about to happen when tptb decide to ‘neutralize’ the situation in NV.

    the person in conflict who is calm and ready is much more likely to win than the one running his mouth off and puffing up his chest in the public square. One is scared and the other is waiting to finish it.

    US corps is full on chest puffing and mouth spouting. Hell they got the 4th branch(media) propagandizing 24/7. Thats some big money and resources

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