BREAKING: New GOP report reveals CIA contractors colluded with Biden campaign to frame Hunter Biden’s laptop as ‘Russian disinfo’

By Libby Emmons – The Post Millennial

BREAKING: New GOP report reveals CIA contractors colluded with Biden campaign to frame Hunter Biden's laptop as 'Russian disinfo'

The House Judiciary revealed on Tuesday that CIA contractors were among those who colluded with the Biden campaign in 2020 to release misinformation claiming that Hunter Biden’s laptop had “all the hallmarks of Russian disinformation.”

The Judiciary Committee shows that “High ranking CIA officials, up to and including then-CIA Director Gina Haspel, were made aware of the Hunter Biden statement prior to its approval and publication.” They further state that “Because several former senior intelligence officials signed the statement, the PCRB sent the draft statement to the CIA’s then-Chief Operating Officer (COO) Andrew Makridis, who said he subsequently informed then-Director Haspel or then-Deputy Director Vaughn Frederick Bishop that the statement would be published soon. Senior CIA leadership had an opportunity at that time to slow down the CIA’s process for reviewing publication submissions and ensure that such an extraordinary statement was properly vetted.”

The implication from the House Judiciary is that this did not happen. In fact, CIA contractors, including Michael Morrell, “were on active contract with the CIA at the time of the Hunter Biden statement’s publication.” Morrell was the one who penned the letter after being contacted by then-Biden campaign senior adviser and asked to do so.

Previously, the House Judiciary found that “Antony Blinken, then senior advisor to the Biden campaign, was the impetus of the public statement signed in October 2020 that falsely implied the New York Post’s reporting about Hunter Biden was the product of Russian disinformation.”

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