BREAKING: Russian Military of Defense Says The US Has Relocated Ukrainian Bio-Labs to Africa and Are Planning to Release Avian Flu (a bioweapon) To Start Another Pandemic, and Blame It On Putin. #FalseFlagOperation Everyone should see this.

By J.C. Okechukwu

He said the U.S. bioweapon operations was relocated due to Russia’s liberation of the labs in Ukraine. Kirillov alleges that Biden-owned Metabiota and other intermediary NGOs are running cover for the U.S. State Department and DoD, posing as humanitarian organizations to conceal their true objective of pathogen production for Big Pharma.

Kirillov also pointed out that Biden-owned Metabiota, has been forced to stop operating in many African countries due to awareness of their nefarious biological weapon activities and agenda.

Does anyone remember my post from just few a days ago about how Russia stepped into Ukraine and their first target was what they alleged as U.S. -funded Biological weapons labs? Bio-labs are the labs in which they manufacture all these diseases/viruses that they unleash on humanity to trigger pandemics. It is also in these labs that they manufacture these toxic and dangerous GMO seeds and chemicals that are aimed at the mass culling of human population, as Bill from hell had always wished. I reported on this Russian lab destruction in Ukraine vigorously while the destruction was ongoing, two years ago. Now, they’ve relocated them to Africa as part of their mass depopulation agenda against Africans. There’s just no room for carelessness and sleepiness anymore. The enemy is no longer at our doorstep. The enemy is in the building and we must mass sensitize in order to mass expel these parasites from hell.

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