21 thoughts on “Brzezinski has harsh words for Israel, Tells Netanyahu he’s ‘making a very serious mistake’

  1. I only posted this because it’s Brzezinski and I want that bastard hanged. Other than that, the Zionist bastard is playing both sides of the chess game like he always has and then gives the devil eyes to everyone like he is some sort of demi-god who knows all. Funny, seeing as how he was the National Security adviser of Jimmy Carter, and we know how his presidency went, so that’s not saying much. I’m sure he often makes out with Barry and Rahm in the bath houses. Every time I see this guy, I wanna run his face through the meat grinder, it makes me sick. Him and Kissinger just can’t seem to croak!

    1. Z.B. threatened B.N. with possible legitimization of the Palestinians in the UN. B.N. screwed up perhaps, and the WE aren’t pleased.
      That’s the way I see it. B.N. was a very bad boy.

      1. Maybe or maybe it’s all controlled opposition like everything else. Brzezinski seems to have been playing that game for quite some time now to try and save his own ass from being hanged (which is impossible because we the people will hang him regardless), so who knows.

          1. Hamas was created by the Mossad? Any proof on that? Surprisingly, I’ve never heard of that. So Hamas is really just another controlled opposition group for Zionist Israel to slaughter?

          2. Didn’t have to look it up. Shooting homemade rockets at a country who has the support of the richest and most evil creatures on the earth. Common sense is Hamas is mossad but no offense NC because it took me awhile to figure it out. Cameras are the real Palestinian weapons.

  2. @NC

    hamas was created to split the palastinians from all joining arafat’s PLO.
    divide & all that.

    however, i doubt the jews have any control over them anymore – it’s been too long, and they have killed too many.

    1. Just reading up on it all from a search. Thanks.

      Man, there’s so many groups, conspiracies and information out there, it gets difficult to keep track of everyone and everything. 😐

  3. Stealing Palestine and ‘giving’ it to the sub-human sleazebag jews was a FAR more serious mistake.

    1. Khazars, not Jews. In fact the more research I do on the DNA and history of Palestine from the time of the Roman destruction of Jerusalem in 70 AD to the Islamization of this area to the Crusades, as well as Khazaria, plus ElHaik’s and Scholomo Sand’s research the more I am convinced that the real “Jews” today in Israel are in fact Palestinians! The Ashkenazi Jews are Khazars with a little Jewish DNA in them but are converts, and the Mizrahi Jews are from Mizraim (Egypt) and the Sephardic Jews are from north Africa and Spain fleeing the Muslim invaders into north Africa. The Khazars are from Japheth, while the others are from Ham, probably. The only Semites in Israel today are Palestinians and any original Jews there who survived the Crusades.

      1. I have Shlomo Sand’s “The Invention of the Jewish People”, but I have another book that I believe to be more comprehensive than his – “A Greater Miracle Than the Lost Ten Tribes Discovered…” by Brian Alois Cleraubat. Here is an excerpt:

        “In Mark 7:7, 8, 13 Christ said that the “jews” made the Word of God of none effect by their traditions. In Matthew 15:9 Christ declared “in vain” did they try to worship God; having followed the traditions of the elders rather than God’s Word. Note: The Old Testament was NOT given to the “jews”, but to true Israel (Anglo-Saxon peoples). After the Babylonian captivity when only .5% (1/2 of 1%) of all the deported Israelites returned to the land of Israel (c.516 B.C.), the Canaanite peoples (and Edomites especially), who had taken over the vacant land, thereafter tried to amalgamate with true Israel (which war of bastardization they still wage against Christendom to destroy God’s true people). Thus, by the time of Christ the “jews” had gained control of the centers of worship (which they then called synagogues and the Sanhedrin) and the leadership of the nation. The Herods were NOT “Israelites”; but Edomites (Idumeans) – Canaanites. The Herods were appointed “Kings of Israel” by Rome; and the Herods then appointed Edomites as High Priests. Thus, the Edomites supplanted their Talmudic doctrines (in place of the Old Testament) and injected their corrupt religion into the land of Israel. Similarly, the “jews” have also bastardized modern Christianity with the introduction of pagan doctrines – and most Christians are entirely ignorant of it. See “Too Long in the Sun”.”

        Whew! You have no idea how long it takes me to type something this long, DL. One finger typing is SO slow. Best I can do, though. 🙂

        Although I have no actual documentation, I firmly believe that the top echelon of the NWO (Rothschilds etc.) are direct descendants of the Pharisees of Jesus’ time. It’s entirely logical.

        Hope this helps. 🙂

        1. btw, Jesus was of pure HEBREW blood, NOT a jew. Hebrews were the children of God’s promise, until they screwed up.

        2. “I firmly believe that the top echelon of the NWO (Rothschilds etc.) are direct descendants of the Pharisees of Jesus’ time.”

          Then you might enjoy reading “Babylon’s Banksters” by Joseph Farrell available at http://gizadeathstar.com/purchase/. I haven’t read it but have instead listened to several of Farrell’s interviews on the subject, and the subject is riveting. Those who have read the book give it great reviews. A tidbit that Farrell found during his research, though without certifiable proof, is that the Rothschilds trace their lineage back to Nimrod.

          1. Thanks, Enbe.

            This is one area of research that has always fascinated me more than many others.

      2. ” The only Semites in Israel today are Palestinians …”

        Iv been telling people that for years. Oddly enough the majority of people who have agreed with me where hebrews(like all six Iv ever spoken to lol) and a few dozen arabs Iv met(I love talking about israhell with arabs).

        When I hear ‘anti-semite’ I always say “anti-Palestinians? Im not anti-arab.”
        They always try to teach me what brainwashed BS THEY ‘think’ is right.

        funny how a 70 year old dictionary has less ‘updates’ to it.

        1. This from the same book, NTB:

          “The truth is that the “jews” and the Arabs are very similar; they are closely related. Modern DNA testing has proven this. The modern “jews” are the Canaanites of the Bible (Edomites primarily, descended illegitimately from Esau and his Canaanite wives) – who stole true Israel’s identity (which we shall discuss). The Arabs themselves also have significant Canaanite blood.
          * The descendants of Ishmael (Arab nations) were rejected by God and Ishmael was forced to leave the land of Israel. Ishmael then married other pure Hebrew peoples. However, in time, Ishmael’s descendants married Canaanite (and African) peoples. In truth, the Arabs, (though not pure) probably have more Semitic blood (though only a very small amount) in them than the “jews” do.”

          btw, sorry I missed your call today. I ran out to get lunch, and left my phone on my desk.

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