Bundy Meets Bodeker

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For those of you who visit my website regularly, you know that I have been covering the Bundy Ranch situation for a couple weeks now; and have spent the better part of the last ten days in Mesquite, Nevada covering the story from the ground.  It was quite an experience, and one that I will re-visit in detail in an article next week.  I have many hours of video to process, however I wanted to get this video out today.  I had a few great people assisting me in building relationships with the Bundy Ranch security, and, fortunately, they paved the way for me to do the interview linked below.  I was honored to be traveling with Ren Bodeker, a real-life war hero.  You can see a more detailed account of Ren’s heroic, historic jump into Los Banos Prison Camp by clicking here.  I cannot say if Cliven Bundy has military service in common with Ren Bodeker, but I do know that they both share the distinction of being bullied by Government, one way or another.  To get a more detailed account of Ren’s case, see a previous interview that I conducted with Ren here.  Sorry for the shaky camera work at times (only bad in a couple spots), as I was sitting between the Ryan boys on Cliven Bundy’s couch.  As I said previously, I will publish an article next week that I hope will lay to rest many of the rumors and hearsay that came out in the media during my time in Bunkerville.   


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