Bundy Ranch: Full Update from Ryan Bundy – 4/25/14

Published on Apr 26, 2014 by Southern Nevada Watchdogs

Easy Reference Guide (hr:min:sec)
00:00:20 Bundy Family History?
00:03:43 What do you believe is behind the land grab?
00:05:21 Are you the last cattle ranchers in NV?
00:06:34 Do you need help getting the ranch back together?
00:08:23 Can you clear up Cliven’s racist statements?
00:13:16 Stories of courage against BLM
00:15:36 Constitution Breakdown of Article 1 sec 8 & Article 4
00:21:47 How’s everyone getting along in camps?
00:22:49 How does the Fed get away with NV ownership?
00:23:34 Constitution suspended?
00:26:00 Ruby Treaty land ownership? (Doesn’t know)
00:27:15 Does BLM own this land? (Enabling Act explained)
00:31:42 Territories that Fed owns? (Territorial law)
00:35:45 BLM agents, who were they?
00:36:01 Constitution Article 4-republic form of gov
00:37:00 Why did Cliven stop paying to Feds in ’93?
00:37:21 Grazing fees explained
00:41:18 What improvements have you made to the land?
00:43:09 So what do you think is going to be the outcome?
00:43:58 Water tank destruction and cost?
00:45:28 Hay on BLM land issue
00:47:38 How many cattle were killed?
00:48:59 Where’s PETA?

Ryan Bundy, eldest son of Cliven Bundy, has become a master of everything there is to know about this situation and the legalities since this has been going on… covered everything from why the Enabling Act didn’t really “enable the federal government takeover, to the true complete history of the ranch ownership and debunking the story that it was only theirs since the 1940s, to exactly what his father meant in his unfortunate choice of words and *why* he brought it up- which I’ll just tell you now was an attempt to reach out and bring in more minorities- it was meant as an appeal to how the government has victimized and oppressed them…

It went from a one on one interview to a crowd of well over 50 and a full fledged press conference basically, and even Channel 13 got drawn in at the back of the crowd.

Ryan gave us numerous inspirational moments and quotes (all natural and spontaneous) including talking about one Russian who stays around in a tent went ahead of the line of horses in the standoff as the BLM/troops told him they’d shoot, and the man from Russia said, “This is not Russia and I’m not going to live like this any longer. If I have to be the first one to die to bring this movement about, so be it.”

Write-up by Jason Nellis

Co-Producer and Interviewer: Tasha Heath

Co-Producer, Camera-Op, and Editor: Neal Sickles

Special thanks to Ryan Bundy, the Bundy family and everyone who supports this cause. Thanks also to the unnamed interviewers who chimed in to make this great interview possible.

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3 thoughts on “Bundy Ranch: Full Update from Ryan Bundy – 4/25/14

  1. thank you Wade for posting this, and for what you are doing for the trenches. your a hero in my book. God bless you Brother.

  2. At least someone knows that we live under a Constitutional Republic and NOT a democracy. Someone ought to let Gerald Celente know that, since that treasonous bastard wants to spread Direct Democracy over a Constitutional Republic.

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