If your vision has ever been blurry… this is a cure

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If you’re in a pinch… you forgot your glasses… or your vision is blurry… try this trick.

Make a tiny hole with you finger… look through it… and the world will become clear again. This works no matter how blurry your vision is. You can test yourself in this video below.  

Science explains this all. Light is reflected off an object… enters our eyes… and hits our retinas to see an object. The lens focuses the light and corrals it into a crisp image.

The problem is the lens can only focus at certain distances. For instance, if you’re far-sighted, you can see a far distance… but you have trouble with short distances. To fix this, we have muscles that squeeze our lenses. This changes our focal distances… and decreases blurriness.

There is no blur since light is coming from the small opening. A small opening can focus light coming from any distance… making the image clear.


7 thoughts on “If your vision has ever been blurry… this is a cure

  1. Yea I figured this one out when I was recovering from eye surgery 5 years ago. It does work. My eyes were slightly blurry due to the light, but once I did the pinhole trick, it almost became like a spyglass or a monocular, as the vision in my eye became clear. Good stuff.

  2. This is absolutely incredible!! I have had to wear a magnifying glass around my neck to have it handy to use to see my cell phone, prices at the supermarket, etc and now with this trick, I don’t have to advertise that I can’t see. Thanks for the article.

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