California’s Mosquito Fire prompts more evacuations as it races toward mountain communities, burning homes and cars in its path


The Mosquito Fire burning in Northern California flared up Tuesday afternoon, charging toward a mountain community and torching more homes as it burned dangerously close to a high school.

The inferno — the largest wildfire currently burning in California — began west of Lake Tahoe amid extreme heat September 6 and has already consumed 58,544 acres in El Dorado and Placer counties. It was 20% contained Wednesday.

Burning intensely and spreading deeper in the Sierra Nevada mountains, the fire has forced more than 11,200 people to flee as it threatened thousands of structures, burning 64 structures by Wednesday, including at least 25 homes, according to Cal Fire.

The fire grew more than 8,000 acres overnight.

By Tuesday afternoon, the fire pushed toward the community of Foresthill and arrived at the edge of Foresthill High School, torching structures across the street as firefighting aircraft raced to drop flame retardant over the raging blaze.

Aerial video from CNN affiliate KCRA showed the flames burning a row of cars and structures under thick, black smoke.

It was not immediately clear how many buildings and vehicles were lost in the flare-up, but firefighters appear to have kept the flames away from Foresthill High School, Cal Fire Public Information Officer Scott McLean told CNN.

Though firefighters were aided by calmer weather over the weekend, stronger southwest winds blew into the region Tuesday, breaking up a smoke inversion that had for days hung over the Mosquito Fire.

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One thought on “California’s Mosquito Fire prompts more evacuations as it races toward mountain communities, burning homes and cars in its path

  1. scrolled down the article on CNN, they placed twitter of national weather service , spokane that states
    “Thick smoke does a fantastic job preventing solar radiation from heating the surface. Today was supposed to be hotter than yesterday, but thanks to the smoke, it is actually 5-10 degrees COOLER in most spots (24 hour temperature change map shown)! #wawx #idwx #smoke”

    people can’t breathe, but smoke is fantastic in blocking radiation?
    this is insane
    gaslighting … don’t believe what you see and experience

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