Calls for New Investigation of Libya’s Gaddafi

The ongoing turmoil in the Middle East is causing gas prices in the United States to continue to rise.  It would seem everything is going according to plan, except that Muammar Gaddafi just won’t step down and allow the highest bidder to step in and take control of Libya’s oil resources. 

Hillary Clinton and company are having a hard time selling their invasion of Libya to the American people as we have had enough of war and the economic damage it is doing to our country and the death it is causing to our young people serving in our military.  Clinton’s sell for an invasion of Libya is being made double hard by the depictions being shown of her swapping spit with Gaddafi’s son and Obama embracing Gaddafi as his Muslim brother.

This being the case, Clinton is launching a new campaign wherein she is calling for an investigation of Gaddafi in reference to the 1988 terrorist bombing of Pan Am Flight 103 that killed 243 people.  Truly an evil deed but I think the question should be asked if Gaddafi did order the attack, was his action any more deplorable than the British government’s in releasing the terrorist, Abdelbaset al-Megrahi, who did the actual bombing, for an oil deal with Libya?  Gaddafi supposedly gave the order as a radical idealist.  The British government released the murderer for corporate greed.

It is being reported that individuals defecting from the Libyan government are coming forth with allegations that Gaddafi ordered the bombing.  Could it be that these individuals have been promised a cut of the oil revenues that will be up for grabs if Gaddafi is taken out of power?

This whole situation stinks like limburger cheese and considering the information Lindsey Williams put forth in reference to the oil baron’s plans for the Middle East, and the revelation that the CIA was involved with the Muslim Brotherhood in orchestrating the protests in the various countries, if we the people do not stand up and shout “fraud” at the top of our lungs we deserve what we get.

As for the price of gas in our country rising as a result of the turmoil in Libya, let’s look at it a different way.  There is a given amount of oil.  It is going to be pumped, refined and sold no matter what else happens.  The only question is how much the multi-national oil barons are going to make in the process.   I think they may just try to accumulate as much of our natural resources as they can in the exchanging of Middle Eastern oil for our wealth.  They are the middle men and they intend to take the lion’s share for doing nothing more than manipulating the situation through the control of all governments. 

God stop the evil plots of these evil men.

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