Camouflage is his favorite color

Canada Free Press – by Sarge

I don’t watch Obama when he speaks. I read the transcripts after the fact. I do this because there’s always the possibility a person such as Obama has the charisma to twist words in a mercurial and slick manner so it seems ingenious as opposed to disingenuous. The guy has the ability to advertise dog crap as smelling good in comparison to the reality. This is a characteristic of many great politicians: Hitler, Mussolini, Lenin, Mao, Nixon and others.  

Reading the actual, recorded words spoken by the culprit always allows for a forensic disassembly of the act. We exam postures and (as we say in the business) the “tells” the speaker casts off unconsciously while lying. “Tells” are the unconscious and subconsciously activated indicators a lie or distortion of the truth is being told. Understanding the “Tells” allows recognition of the psychology of the speaker and his efforts to distort his narrative of an event.

Nobody can say Obama isn’t composed. The man’s about as emotionally controlled as any in history. That would be because of his upbringing. He’s the child of a single mother and an absentee father of another race than his mother, a fact bringing a series of social interactions make a person calloused and remote when dealing with people. There’s no doubt racism and bigotry in the general population and public schools created problems for the young Obama.

Young people placed in such circumstances feel they’re victims, the collateral damage, of misplaced angers and disapproval of their parents’ actions. Bigots and racists are not only stupid; they spread their ignorance through their attitudes and behaviors to such children. Bigots and racists create their own worst enemies with these behaviors.

The passive-aggressive attitude is readily recognizable by any child past the age of five. They understand what’s happening and react with control and deference to those people they come to detest. Those people are despicable in their actions and need to be avoided when really a child has no ability to avoid what adults do to him other than to hide; sometimes in plain sight. The passive-aggressive behavior spreads from the host to the victim.

And this is how Obama came to be along with his tutelage from Marxists and communists telling him he’s being held back for no greater sin than being himself. He’s praised for his rote memorization of dogma and his ability to twist anything to make him appear a leader. He believes the lies he tells.

Obama doesn’t do well in spontaneous, extemporaneous discourse and debate. He stammers. He looks away. He looks specifically down and right which, while not proof of lying, is an indicator to start watching for other actions. The closure of the eyes in greater duration than a standard blink may indicate a period of rapid introspection to choose words selectively and with purpose to avoid speaking the truth fully.

Posture plays a major point in understanding a person’s responses. Does the person lean toward the interviewer or away from him? Away suggests a distancing from the question and therefore the lie “travels farther” to express the thought. Does Obama gesture in interviews? Not regularly. He does in speech-making. He regularly gestures and signals his involvement with what he’s saying because it’s stagecraft and orchestrated theatrics necessary to create an aura of personal belief in what he says and his desire to share that engagement with the audience. When being interviewed he has a tendency to sit stolidly, one hand holding the other down, and gives an appearance of unshakeable serenity when he’s really mentally scrambling to gain mastery over this environment he doesn’t feel comfortable in.

Obama also tries to divert the attention from his lack of responses by deflection. He changes the subject and rarely answers a question directly. He mainly tempers his answers with aggressive misdirection rather than answer directly. When asked specific questions Obama deliberately tries to answer with more and more superfluous information than is necessary. An answer best given in “yes or no” format gets a thesis delivered. The more a liar speaks the more a liar lies, but he feels more comfortable while concealing the truth in layers of vernacular.

Camouflage is this politician’s favorite color.

So; I read what he says and silently watch his delivery of those words. The truth is in the presentation and the exact words chosen to state a position.

Obama wouldn’t tell the truth if his life depended on it.

Thanks for listening

Richard J. “Sarge” Garwood runs Thanks For Listeningwebsite.  Sarge is a retired Law Enforcement Officer, with 30 years service, a syndicated columnist in Louisiana. Married with 2 sons.

Sarge can be reached

One thought on “Camouflage is his favorite color

  1. Sarge- Maybe you need to take a look at Soetoro’s school history: Indonesia and Hawaii – where he was probably more of a novelty than the victim of “racism and bigotry”. There is a dearth of information and you are making assumptions. His character was formed more by the type of parenting he received and, from the little I know, Ma Dunham/Soetoro was no June Cleaver. Her pregnancy before her 18th birthday, posing for porn as part of a relationship with Frank Marshall Davis and the phony marriage with that Kenyan all point to a rotten environment to raise a kid. He wouldn’t know the truth if it jumped up and bit him on the nose.

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