12 thoughts on “Canada’s PM Justin Trudeau accuses the trucker convoy crowd of “hateful rhetoric” and “violence toward citizens,”

  1. He’s using this narrative because he has nothing else and knows he’s on the wrong side of history
    But Fck heads like him double down on stupid , so this is what it looks like

    Can’t wait to see what our idiot says when it happens here … coming soon

    1. Go back to Epstien Island where came from!!! Somebody will get you eventually… scum of the new world order!!!

  2. According to several videos from Ottowa statements from cops, etc., the truckers etc. are behaving just fine. But Canadians won’t hear that on CBC… if they are still dumb enough to watch it! Which I’d say now is a number heading downwards faster than even creepy Joe’s… Bwahahahahahahahahahahahah! Fidelito just can’t help himself I guess….

  3. ROLMFAO!!! Bahahaha!!!!

    Wow….He’s truly a coward.

    Violence? Apparently he’s completely ignored the videos on Twitter and the Internet. I’d like to see the videos of these “violent” and “hateful” citizens. Maybe they just hate you, Trudeau and you’re just not man enough to accept it and resign.

    What a dumbass.

  4. “This is moment where responsible leaders need to take the time to look at where they stand and who they stand with.”

    Hmm….that either sounds like a threat or a desperate plea to the global elite for help because he’s alone and scared.

  5. It’s not where you stand, scumbag…..we know who and what you stand with…..It is Where you Hang…mthrfkr…is that hateful enough for you, Tyrant, criminal, globalist, Zionist ass licker non human being…? You elitist maggotry just don’t get it…we the people are going to tear you all apart limb from limb… As soon as any of you grow the balls to Order your enforcers to give it a go and try to dominate us with your mandates and edicts…it is over…and you can run….but never hide……..how weird you people think you are better than others is just psycho….

  6. I stand one trillion percent for the comments and its kind punishment, because his father and all his predecessors need to be excumed from their graves if dead and be hanged also for treason. the majority of the people are not aware that there has been another graver crime committed by all so-called governemnt officials they have allowed the bankers to defraud all the people since at laest 100 years and P Trudeau committed the worst by borrowing from foreign banks at interest when he could have borrowed interest free from the bank of canada which was the case from 1935 to 1974, this has resulted in I.5 trillion debt which is a fraud on all the people

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