7 thoughts on “Canadian “Government” monitoring Canadians bank accounts…

  1. Communist Bast*rd!! Playin’ tough but sucks his thumb and wants his mommy.

    Communism no longer saving face, but is right out there in the open. Also out in the open: Bill of Rights!!!!



    1. galen, the Bill of Rights as I am learning it from you, Henry and the Trenchers, is my new normal, now. Nothing else matters to me any more.

      1. I know what you mean. I had a similar experience and probably many have. Once it was figured out that The Bill of Rights was/is connected not only to my very survival but also my right to thrive, I was no longer just a fighter, but fighter who knew what I was fighting for. It energized the fight, defined its purpose, and had/has a true solution sitting right there at the end capable of making life work smoothly, for each individual. Life bless and protect Henry and Laura always for bringing this platform so that that cognition could be awakened.


        1. You’re strong, and not false. Respect to you too Galen thanks. You need to chime in more on the broadcast, your view is calm and on point. You definitely calmed my frustration.

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