Can’t Make This Up: Flocks Of Sheep Assembled To Form Giant Syringe In Germany To ‘Get The Message Across Better’

Gateway Pundit – by Alicia Powe

If you are still hesitant about getting a Covid vaccine, observing how easily sheep conform and comply should do the trick.

To promote dangerous experimental gene therapy compliance, the German government used “bits of bread” to train over 700 sheep and goats to assemble in line and form the shape of a 330-foot long syringe.

According to the Associated Press:

Shepherd Wiebke Schmidt-Kochan spent several days practicing with her animals, news agency dpa reported. But she said in the end, it wasn’t difficult to work things out — she laid out pieces of bread in the shape of the syringe, which the sheep and goats gobbled up when they were let out into the field.

Organizer Hanspeter Etzold said the action was aimed at people who are still hesitating to get vaccinated.

Despite mounting proof verifying the danger and inefficacy of experimental Covid-vaccines, those who have yet to get vaccinated will have a change of heart after observing the syringed-arranged flocks of sheep, Etzold surmised.

“Sheep are such likable animals — maybe they can get the message over better,” he said

On Dec. 2, Germany announced a nationwide lockdown for the unvaccinated.

Unvaccinated German citizens are banned from entering every indoor venue with the exception of supermarkets and pharmacies.

On Monday, an estimated 35,000 people took to the streets to protest the fascistic assault on health and medical autonomy.

The demonstration escalated into a dangerous showdown between protesters and riot police.

“There were attacks against police and journalists in the eastern states of Saxony, where 14 police were injured by protestors, and Saxony-Anhalt, where 40 people were arrested for throwing bottles and pyrotechnics at police in Magdeburg,” Independent reports.

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