33 thoughts on “Captions?

  1. “What can I say? I just finished ’50 Shades of Gray’ and it only took me two years to read it! Now all I have to do is finish grade school!”

  2. My opinion:
    Apparently, Human Debris.

    God’s opinion:
    Someone for whom Christ Jesus died.

    Once again, God is right, and I am left to see myself as the failure of love that I have always been.

    Still, I would not hesitate to shoot this dirtbag in the face if he became a threat to me or mine.

    ’nuff said…..

  3. ” I am a FUK’N GREAT example of being “inclusive and progressive!!! SO FK OFF!,.. or I’ll run to my Safe-Place,.. and pout!”

    COMMENT: This,… this, this,…. THING!,… is my pick for the next Presumptive US Presidential Candidate!!!!! (Crowd Chanting: “USA!, USA!, USA!, USA!, USA!,….. GoooooOOOOOOOO WEIRDO!!!)

    JD – US Marines: You know,.. somehow I don’t think this is the stuff of Norman Rockwell’s 1940’s, 1950’s America…..


    1. JD, I also don’t think this is Andy Warhol stuff of the 1960’s, either.

      Just an image representing the rotting corpse of our freedom, masquerading as the enlightened elite of the NWO.

      Lock and Load!

  4. Scroll down enough to see the next headline is “Up Close and Personal”. That captions it perfectly!

  5. the really sad thing is…….this excuse for humanity is the result/beneficiary of close to two hundred and fifty years of struggle and sacrifice by your forbears. To think of the lives lost, so that “this” could choose it’s own “lifestyle”….f@@king sad !

  6. The United States of Amerika the new norm. Perverts, faggots, degenerates and a host of stupid ignorant people, if you can call them people. Get use to it no one will do a dam thing to reverse the destruction of this country. It’s been said the previous generation was the most brainwashed ever, I don’t think so, I think we are living it now. The truth is out there and still all these people care about is sports, celebrities and posting a selfie in their underwear.

    1. My advice to you is to start shooting as many people as you can, right away!
      Your right, you can’t even call them people, try referring to them as targets. That’ll lessen the shock value.
      Oh look, over there is a duck..BWAMO!
      How dare that deer try to get away…KAPOW!
      For any marmosets, you’ll probably need some stringer mines.
      It helps to think of humans as critters.

      1. tc I am not going to start shooting people now. I am going to set back and wait for the collapse of this country, at that time I’m still just setting back and watch these people kill each other. When the smoke clears we might just have a chance to take back this country. Then the executions will start, and we can say as the song goes, Happy Days Are Here Again.

        1. Sorry Andrew. I think I was mad about Cals comment disappearing and it maybe transferred over.
          My apologies.

    2. Huh. I kind of thought we were doing a damn thing or two, or three or ten. I guess if we believe the enemies’ well financed propaganda machine, we might as well shut this site down and call it a day.
      We know of the resources expended in trying to bury the truth and we know our victories and our numbers will never be shown by our enemies.
      We are not only winning, but are doing so in a big way, if we can just keep the defeatism at bay.

      1. And these are the creatures that are going to conquer my people? Do you really think so?
        All bullshitting aside, I would slap this f#@king mutt to death, expending minimal effort.

      2. Your right.
        I was outa line on that one.
        I shouldn’t set peeps like Andrew against others just yet. He’s gettin it. Sorry for that.
        Sorry Andrew.
        I hope you didn’t go shooting people …randomly.
        I was just jokin bout that whole target thing…….lol.

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